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Center Day Camp - The Staff

1965 - Private Collection

Thank you to Judy Halpert for the photo
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    back  Vic   Taylor  left Ronnie   Levi  2nd from left; Dan   Foss  3rd from left; Len   Berman  4th from leftDonny   Levi  5th from leftSteve   Glovsky  6th from left; Stanley   Sax  7th from left; Martin   Brenerman  8th from leftMel   Zimmerman  9th from right; Chicki   Levine  8th from right; Doug   Schair  4th from rightJerry   Sheriff  3rd from right; Stanley   Sclar  2nd from right;

    front :   Cindy Sprince Lerman   left ;     Elaine   Zulofsky ;   2nd from left   Sherrie Koocher Schatz   3rd from left ;   Karen Kornetsky Levine   4th from left ;     Sandy   Burokoff Gerber ;   5th from left     Susan   Rosen Weiner ;   7th from left     Sharon   Taylor Slosberg ;   8th from right   Jerri Fleicher   4th from right ;     Joan   Taylor ;   2nd from right   Leslie Schair Cohen   right ;
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