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Phi Delta Mu Alumni Report
date not known
Private Collection

Click here if the pdf does not appear: Phi Delta Mu Alumni Report

thanks to Judy Halpert for the article
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:   Jack Agger     Robert Agger     Abraham Abrahamson     Aaron Blumenthal     Erwin Blumenthal     Morris Blumenthal     Mike Citrin     Gerald Cohen     Maurice Comeras     Max Crasnick     David D Davidson     Morris Finks     Melvin Finn     Henry Finks     Charles Finks     Ralph Feldman     Bernard Goldberg     Alfred G. Goldman     Louis Gordon     Albert Jacobson     Hyman Jacobson     Silas Jacobson     Louis Lane     Harold Larkin     Sidney Lerman     Milton Mack     David Novick     Theodore Perry     Oscar Pluznick     Harold Ross     James B Ross     Joseph Schatz     Maurice Sclar     Louis Shatz     Samuel Shatz   ;   Philip Shilling     Bertram Silverman     Gerald Slosberg     Melville Stein     David Simonds   ;   David Stiman   ;   Ralph Weinman     Irving Woolf  

:   William Gerber ;     Nathan Harriss   ;   David Herman   ;   Joseph Morrison   ;

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