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Kornetsky, Rosenberg and Tabachnick families in the early 20th century

circa 1921 - private collection

Thank you to Abe Peck & Jean Marcus Peck and Karen Kornetsky Levine for the photo
Note: Members of the Kornetsky, Rosenberg and Tabachnick families of Portland sit for this picture during the early years of the 20th century
Links to People: front row, left to right:  Annabelle Tabachnick Gordon  #1 Oscar Tabachnick #2Frances Tabachnick Shiro #3 child; Mr ? Rosenberg ?#4; Mrs ? Rosenberg ?#5Annamerle Kornetsky Taylor #6 girlAlex Kornetsky #7Daniel Kornetsky #8 boy;

back row, left to right :   Ruth Tabachnick Rosengard   #1 ;   Sadie Rosenberg Tabachnick   #2 ;   Dr Henry Tabachnick   #3 ;   Mae Rosenberg Tabachnick   #4 ;   Israel Tabachnick   #5 ;   Ida Rosenberg Kornetsky ?   #6 ;   Lillian Farber   #7 ;
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