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Wedding of Marilyn Bickoff and Sumner Gorodetzer, Chateau Garod

October, 1955 -

Thank you to Marcia Lieberman for the photo
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    left to right:  Brown   Michelson 1Helen   Michelson  2Gilbert   Michelson  3Mindy   Michelson  4Sumner   Gorodetzer  5Marilyn   Bickoff Gorodetzer  6Marcella   Michelson Bickoff  7Charles   Bickoff  8Marcia   Lieberman  9Lawrence   Berson  10Sylvia   Michelson Berson  11Jim   Viner  12;

    seated, lef to right :   Miriam   Michelson Viner ;   1     Gerry   Bickoff ;   2
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