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Center Day Camp (CDC) Family Day 2

circa 1998 - private collection

Thank you to Shirley Rosen for the photo

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    behind front row  Sally   Pollard  left with dark glasses and light green shirt Henry   Pollard  2nd from left with glasses and plaid short sleeved shirt; Jessica   Pollard Lantos  behind Henry Pollard; Luci   Lantos  sipping soda, behind man in green shirt in front rowNorm   Bergeron  standing in back with dark tshirt and moustacheRay   Spiro  sitting with white short sleeve shirt beard and sunglassesMildred   Baker  standing toward right side with white shirtDave   Astor  sitting dark shirt glasses toward rightEsta   Astor  right with hands clasped;

    front :   Merle   Nelson ;   left     Millie   Nelson ;   2nd from right     Bella   Cowan ;   right
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