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Camp Arundel group camp photo

1955 - private collection

Thank you to David Cohen for the photo

I was there in 1955, but I could have sworn it operated for more than a year. The man who ran the place was Hal Moffie. I still have the award I won: �Camp Arundel. Character Award/Best Sophomore. Arundel Boys Aim High. �55.� In the center of the shield-shaped award was a drawing of a boy poised to shoot an arrow into the air. (Some of my fellow campers had fun with the motto, uttering it as they urinated upwards.) Parents� visiting day was cancelled because of the polio epidemic. Best, Steve Kane
People: Richard Cohen , left; James Burns, 5th from left;

2nd: [FirstNameNotKnown] Gans , left; Larry Pelavin , 5th camper from right; Harold Moffie , right; David Cohen , 4th from left; David Turitz, 5th from left; Robert Levy , 6th from left; Harvey Elowitch, 7th from left; Mike Witt, 8th from left; Steve Gans, 9th from left; Steve Grossman, 11th from left; Carl Tabacman, 13th from left; Joe Macaluso , 3rd from left

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