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At Hadassah Luncheon

Jan 9 1957 - private collection

Thank you to Lewiston Daily for the photo
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janet mcgourty on :
mollie miller bakers address in 1964 was 230 gamage ave. she was the sister of phillip miller and issac miller. she was the aunt of Sadie esther mollie and helen. phillip miller resided at 80 high st auburn with his family,
janet mcgourty on :
esther miller, phillips daughter, married and had a daughter named Elizabeth. esthers residence in 1940 was 227 callender st Roxbury ma.
Ellen Winner on :
First names: Mrs. Bernard Cohen is Celia; also Ida Wilner, Avis Schwartz, Edith Zdanowitz
janet mcgourty on :
the bakers and the millers were cousins. Rebecca baker was dora millers cousin
janet mcgourty on :
phillip miller and issac miller were brothers and were in the junk business together. the auto graveyard junkyard was located on miller st at the river. in the 1940s there was a fire there. phillip died in 1921.
janet mcgourty on :
mollie miller baker died in 1966