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Center Day Camp staff photo

1979 - Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine

Thank you to Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine for the photo
People: Nancy Sutin, left; Larry Brown , 4th from left with bentley shirt; Marc Lerman , 5th from left with striped shirt; Andy Sheriff, 6th from left with mustache; David Goodman, 3rd from right; Janice [to be identified] , 2nd from left; Jay Baker, 4th from left with hat; David Epstein, 5th from left; Dan Kane, behind Debbie Blume; Amy Ostrovitz, next to Dan Kane; Peter Litman , 2nd from right; David Sheriff, right;

Front: Phyllis [to be identified] , left; Eric Goldman, 2nd from left; Scott Millman , 3rd from left; David Perry? , track shirt; Linda Simensky, next to Patty Sullivan; Patty Sullivan, dark tshirt and white pants; Jessica Pollard Lantos, with camera around neck; Debbie Blume, 5th from right; Debbie Flaherty , 4th from right; Mindy Goldman, 3rd from right with jacket in hands; Madeline Goodman, right

If you recognize any of the unidentified people, please send in their names and biographic information to dmj at

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