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1910 US Federal Census Data

Research by Ben Kissen (2017)

Name with link to DMJ bioRelation to head own/rent, value c birthyrageAge at 1st Marrstudentliterate?POB personPOB fatherPOB mothermother tongueYOInat/alienoccupationindustrycodeclassEmployed?enum. distAncestry pg#Source
S PovichHead11 Arch Street  abt 184565 nonoRussiaRussiaRussiaYiddish1880alienmerchantstore Oyes0212151910 US Federal Census - Bath
Mary Povichwife11 Arch Street  abt 185753 nonoRussiaRussiaRussiaYiddish         1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Harry BrownHead183 Front Street  abt 186743 noyesRussiaRussiaRussia 1888naturalizedpawnbrokerown shop Oyes0212151910 US Federal Census - Bath
Celia Brownwife183 Front Street  abt 187139 noyesRussiaRussiaRussia 1888        1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Arthur Brownson183 Front Street  abt 189911 noyesMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Bessie Browndaughter183 Front Street  abt 19028 noyesMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Mary Browndaughter183 Front Street  abt 19046 nonoMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
David Brownson183 Front Street  abt 19073 nonoMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Nathan PetlockHead193 Summer Street  abt 187040 nonoRussiaRussiaRussiaYiddish1904 Peddlerjunk Oyes0212151910 US Federal Census - Bath
Annie Bedlokwife193 Summer Street  abt 187040 nonoRussiaRussiaRussiaYiddish1901        1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Marcia Bedlokdaughter193 Summer Street  abt 19019 noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaYiddish         1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Morris Bedlokson193 Summer Street  abt 19037 noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaYiddish         1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Jake Bedlokson193 Summer Street  abt 19082 nonoRussiaRussiaRussiaYiddish         1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Holly Bedlokdaughter193 Summer Street  abt 189812 noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaYiddish         1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Louis Bedlokson193 Summer Street  abt 189515 noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaYiddish         1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Harry WeinsteinHead11 Arch Street  abt 187337 noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaYiddish1892paperslaborerjunk Oyes0212151910 US Federal Census - Bath
Bessie Weinsteinwife11 Arch Street  abt 187535 noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaYiddish         1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Sophie Weinsteindaughter11 Arch Street  abt 189911 nonoMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Lillie Weinsteindaughter11 Arch Street  abt 190010 noyesMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Rosie Weinsteindaughter11 Arch Street  abt 19028 noyesMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Joseph Weinsteinson11 Arch Street  abt 19046 noyesMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Morris PisetynerHead9 Franklin Street  abt 188228 noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaYiddish1904papersdealermeats Oyes021121910 US Federal Census - Bath
Lanny Pisetynerwife9 Franklin Street  abt 188624 noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaYiddish1906        1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Henrietta Pisetynerdaughter9 Franklin Street  abt 1909.50.5 nonoMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Maurice WeinblattHead Franklin Street  abt 187040 nonoRussiaRussiaRussiaYiddish1882naturalizedproprietorshoe store  yes021121910 US Federal Census - Bath
Sarah Weinblattwife Franklin Street  abt 187040 nonoRussiaRussiaRussiaYiddish1882        1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Robert Weinblattson Franklin Street  abt 189614 yesyesMaineRussiaRussia   newsboypapers Wyes  1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Senda Weinblattdaughter Franklin Street  abt 190010 yesyesMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Sophie Weinblattdaughter Franklin Street  abt 19028 yesyesMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Abraham MillerHead67 Chestnut Street  abt 187436 noyesRussiaRussiaRussia 1892naturalizedpainterhouse Eyes0213101910 US Federal Census - Bath
Ida Millerwife67 Chestnut Street  abt 187436 noyesRussiaRussiaRussia 1886        1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Eva Millerdaughter67 Chestnut Street  abt 189614 yesyesMassachusettsRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Sadie Millerdaughter67 Chestnut Street  abt 189713 yesyesMassachusettsRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Arthur Millerson67 Chestnut Street  abt 189812 yesyesMassachusettsRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Alec Millerson67 Chestnut Street  abt 190010 yesyesMassachusettsRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Jennie Millerdaughter67 Chestnut Street  abt 19028 yesnoMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Esther Millerdaughter67 Chestnut Street  abt 19037 yesnoMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Morris Millerson67 Chestnut Street  abt 19055 yesnoMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Lewis Millerson67 Chestnut Street  abt 19082 nonoMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Doris Millerdaughter67 Chestnut Street  abt 19091 nonoMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Isaac MikelskyHead4 Elin Street  abt 185258 noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaYiddish1867naturalizedmerchantmusic store Oyes0212161910 US Federal Census - Bath
Sarah Mikelskywife4 Elin Street  abt 186248 noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaYiddish1874        1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Frank Mikelskyson4 Elin Street  abt 188129 yesyesMaineRussiaRussia   studentmidser school     1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Benjamin Mikelskyson4 Elin Street  abt 188228 noyesMaineRussiaRussia   salesmandrug store Wyes  1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Sophia Mikelskydaughter4 Elin Street  abt 188525 noyesMaineRussiaRussia   salesladymusic store Wyes  1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Ira Mikelskyson4 Elin Street  abt 188723 yesyesMaineRussiaRussia   studentcollege     1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Lee Mikelskyson4 Elin Street  abt 188921 yesyesMaineRussiaRussia   studentcollege     1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Bessie Mikelskydaughter4 Elin Street  abt 189119 noyesMaineRussiaRussia   salesladymusic store Wyes  1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Rachel Mikelskydaughter4 Elin Street  abt 189416 noyesMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Esther Mikelskydaughter4 Elin Street  abt 189713 noyesMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Ruth Mikelskydaughter4 Elin Street  abt 189812 noyesMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Horatio Mikelskyson4 Elin Street  abt 190010 noyesMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Freda Mikelskydaughter4 Elin Street  abt 19028 noyesMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Samuel GreenHead805 Middle Street  abt 186842 noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaYiddish1900paperscobblershop Oyes021291910 US Federal Census - Bath
Dora Greenwife805 Middle Street  abt 186842 noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaYiddish1900        1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Minnie Greendaughter805 Middle Street  abt 189416 noyesEnglandRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Morris Greenson805 Middle Street  abt 189614 noyesEnglandRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Fannie Greendaughter805 Middle Street  abt 189713 noyesEnglandRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Leah Greendaughter805 Middle Street  abt 189911 noyesEnglandRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Katie Greendaughter805 Middle Street  abt 190010 noyesEnglandRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Esther Greendaughter805 Middle Street  abt 19028 noyesEnglandRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Lena Greendaughter805 Middle Street  abt 19046 noyesMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Rosie Greendaughter805 Middle Street  abt 19055 nonoMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Ruth Greendaughter805 Middle Street  abt 19082 nonoMaineRussiaRussia          1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Lena Feinberglodger / boarder156 Commercial Street  abt 188822 noyesGermanyGermanyGermanyGerman1905 chambermaidlodging house Wyes021311910 US Federal Census - Bath
Davis WeinblattHead127 Commercial Street  abt 187238 noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaGerman1905alienPeddlerhouse to house O 021311910 US Federal Census - Bath
Rebecca Weinblattwife127 Commercial Street  abt 187634 noyesRussiaRussiaRussia 1906        1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Frank Weinblattson127 Commercial Street  abt 190010 yesyesRussiaRussiaRussia 1906        1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Abraham Weinblattson127 Commercial Street  abt 19019 yesyesRussiaRussiaRussia 1906        1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Samuel Weinblattson127 Commercial Street  abt 19046 nonoRussiaRussiaRussia 1906        1910 US Federal Census - Bath
Sarah Weinblattdaughter127 Commercial Street  abt 19055 nonoRussiaRussiaRussia 1906        1910 US Federal Census - Bath

Methodological note :

This data was culled from the original 1930 U.S. census manuscripts, as found on Jews are understood to constitute an ethnic group of Eastern and Central European origin characterized by common names and occupational pursuits, as well as a distinctive language. This definition lends itself well to analysis of the data preserved in census records.

Two primary methods were used to identify Jews:

1. Individuals born abroad whose mother tongue is "Yiddish," "Jewish," or "Hebrew" were automatically included in the spreadsheet, as were all members of their families.

2. For individuals born abroad whose mother tongue was another Eastern or Central European language (e.g., Russian, Polish, German), or individuals born in the U.S. with one or more parents from Eastern or Central Europe, we examined surnames, given names within a household, and occupations in light of common Jewish characteristics. This method of analysis is, of course, subject to inaccuracy, as we may have excluded Jews with uncommon names or occupations or included non-Jews whose characteristics appear Jewish. Individuals listed with the annotation "nj?" in the far right-hand column are those whose Jewish ancestry is plausible but questionable.

This method of analysis easily misses Jewish households whose members' parents were all born in the United States. In 1930 Maine, however, such households were quite rare. Special efforts were made to identify households of this nature in Portland, where they constituted less than 1% of identified Jewish households.

All members of a household containing a Jew are included in the spreadsheet, with the exception of Jewish lodgers and servants, who are listed individually. Household members who are evidently not Jewish (such as non-Jewish servants and some spouses or in-laws) are listed with the annotation "nj."

NB : In the census tables below ‘POB’ means ‘place of birth’ and ‘YOI’ means ‘year of immigration’.
There is a bit of historical difficulty with the answers to the questions about place of birth.
Some people replied with the name of the place when they left; others replied with the name of place when the census was taken; in other cases it just seems that it was easier for the census taker to write ‘Russia’ rather than Lithuania, Ukraine or other unfamiliar country names.
And there is another reason to be skeptical of the accuracy of the place of birth information. Immigrants from the Pale had a very justified fear of the Russian and often local governments. One way to manage this reality was to tell government representatives what they expected they wanted to hear or what they thought would bring them the least trouble. This may well explain why a number of family members, who were clearly from Eastern Europe, may have answered ‘Maine’ or ‘New York’.

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