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Temple Beth El Consecration class

circa 1961 - private collection

Thank you to Jeffrey Finegold for the photo
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    back  Bruce   Levinsky left; Paul   Marcus  2nd from leftMike   Clenott  3rd from leftBobby   Aranson  4th from left; Alan   Liebeskind  5th from leftHerb   Kodis  5th from rightJeffrey   Finegold  4th from rightDavid   Stone  3rd from rightMatthew   Pollard  2nd from rightDavid   Cope  right;

    middle :   Danny   Rubinoff ;   left     Stan   Kovensky ;   2nd from left   Michael Litman   3rd from left ;   Steve Laskoff   4th from left ;   Marlene Jacobson   5th from left ;     Nancy   Osher ;   5th from right     Ronna   Kaatz ;   4th from right     Pya   Cope ;   2nd from right     Larry   Kroot ;   right

    front :     Barbara   Black   left ;     Susan   Schatz   2nd from left ;     Jo-Ann   Hyman   3rd from left ;     Susan   Branz   4th from left ;     Ava Lourie   5th from left ;     Cheryl-Ann   Hyman   5th from right ;     Elaine   Bogg   4th from right ;     Patti   Gilbert   3rd from right ;     Eve   Freundlich   2nd from right ;     Ann   Clenott   right ;
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