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Rabbi Bekritsky Feted

2/17/1958 - private collection

Thank you to Karen Kornetsky Levine for the photo
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    :  Rabbi David   Berent  left Rev. Howard   Hough  2nd from left; Dr. Perly   Lessard  3rd from left; Barnett   Shur  4th from left; Most Rev. Daniel   Feeney  middleRabbi Morris   Bekritsky  4th from right; Rabbi Seymore   Gewirtz  3rd from rightRabbi Norman   Zdanowitz  2nd from right; Rev. Wilbur   Hogg  right;

    :   Sarah   Bekritsky ;       Dorothy   Bekritsky ;       Joy   Bekritsky ;       Bruce   Bekritsky ;       Milton   Bekritsky ;       Jack   Bekritsky ;       Arthur   Waterman ;     Samuel J Cohen   ;     David I.   Rubinoff ;     (Mrs.) Owen Mack   ;     (Mrs.) Maxwell L.   Wiesenthal ;       Bertram   Silverman ;       Cantor Samuel   Zimelman ;  
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