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Bunk 5 1966 or maybe bunk 4 1965 Camp Joseph
Counselor standing...only lower part of his torso is visible might be Barry Axelrod. Bruce Nable is not in the pic.
Back row standing left is Brad Haber, then David Katowitz,
Next row down left is Harry Manasewich (me) kneeling, then Matt Pollard,
Front row Lee Margolin, 2nd from left; Steve Epstein 2nd from right ;
Harry Manasewich June 13, 2022

Camp Joseph boys group

circa 1966 - private collection

Thank you to Jessica Lantos for the photo

I can’t see the counselor. But I have a hunch this is Bunk 5, 1966, and the guy standing is Barry Axelrod (Eric Axelrod’s older brother): Nancy Levinsky
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    standing  David   Katowitz  left Bruce   Nable  right;

    kneeling :   Harry Manasewich   left ;     Matthew   Pollard ;   middle     Lee Margolin   2nd from left ;     Steve Epstein   2nd from right ;
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