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Ward Brothers Ad 1929-1987

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When businesses were shutting down one after the other on Lisbon Street, Lawrence Ward remained. The owner of Ward Bros. women’s clothing store, he grew up in Lewiston, he loved the city and he wanted to see its downtown succeed. Ward Bros, was founded in Lewiston in 1929 and was owned by cousins Larry Ward and David Merson. It was known as Maine’s premiere women’s apparel store, eventually opening stores in Bangor and in South Portland. The Lisbon Street location “was like a little Bloomingdales,” remembers one Auburn resident. "I remember the ladies saying that if they wanted a gown, and they didn’t have the time to go downtown to start trying things on, they would send over. They had a little delivery service, and they’d send over two or three gowns, saying see which ones you like, and call us up and we’ll pick up the ones you don’t want.” Ward Bros. touted some unique “Firsts.” They were the first store in Maine to install fluorescent lighting, the first store in Maine to have a large neon sign, the first store in Maine to offer air conditioning, and the first Maine-owned specialty store to sign a lease to locate in the Maine Mall. Ward Bros. closed in 1987. #jewishmaine #wardbros #downtownmainstreet

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