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Beth Jacob Hebrew School students

28-Mar-05 - Elliot Epstein Collection

Note: Religious schools for Jewish children were established in Lewiston-Auburn as early as the 1890s. This 1917 photo of Beth Jacob Hebrew School shows the influence of Zionism on religious education. The class includes girls as well as boys. Modern Hebrew words are chalked on the blackboard, and the Zionist Movement flag (designed in 1891 and later adopted by the State of Israel in 1948) hangs next to the American flag.
Links to People:
    first row (far left) front to rear:  Frank   Tarr   Ben   Abromson  ; Esther   Abromson; Myer   Canter  ;

    second row (far left) front to rear :   Keith Graffman   ;   Kush Levitz   ;     Ada   Mandlestam ;       Hyman   Supovitz ;  

    third row (from far left) front to rear :     Irene   Wheeler   ;     to be determined   ;     Milton   Wheeler   ;     Jerry Ross   ;

    fourth row (from far left) front to rear :   Samuel   Sprince   ;   to be determined     ;   Abe   Mandlestam   ;   Wolf   Levine   ;

    fourth row (from far left) front to rear :   Oscar   Sprince   ;   Morris   Scolnik   ;   Perets   Singer   ;   John   Abromson   ;   Mr   Weiss   ;

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