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Seven Alpren Sisters

1930s - private collection

Thank you to Estate of Marilyn Isaacson Simonds for the photo

Of the seven Alpren sisters and sisters-in-law who appear in this photo from the 1930s, at least five lived part of their lives in Lewiston-Auburn and two married men from the Isaacson clan. All were aunts of Harris Isaacson, whose handwriting appears on the photo.
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    left to right  Eva (Chaya-Chava)   Alpren Isaacson far left; to be identified     2nd from left; Annie (Elke)   Alpren Graffman  3rd from left; Sarah (Sor'ke)   Alpren Lempert  4th from left; to be identified     5th from left; Leah (Rochel-Leyah)   Alpren Day  6th from leftIda (Hinde)   Alpren Steinman  7th from left;