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Murinson, Tabachnick, Rosenbloom, Slotsky and Others Listening to a Presentation at the Jewish Home for the Aged

1960 - Cedars, Portland

Thank you to Cedars, Portland for the photo
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    near side sitted at table  to be identified   woman nearest camera; to be identified     second woman nearest camera; to be identified     man on left;

    standing left to right :   to be identified   #1 woman ;   to be identified   #2 woman ;     Charles   Rosenbloom ;   #3 man     Sylvia   Slotsky ? ;   #4 woman     Sadie   Tabachnick ;   #5 woman

    seated far side left to right :     Bessie   Murinson   #1 ;     William   Murinson   #2 ;     to be identified   #3 ;

    standing on right :   to be identified   ;'

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on :
Standing L to R #5 in hat with ornament is Sadie (Mrs. Oscar) Tabachnick, my grandmother.
Paula Rosengard Boxer
Ross Goldberg on :
Standing L to R: #1 is Gertrude (Mrs. Lewis) Kriger, my grandmother. #2 is her mother, my great grandmother Mamie (Mrs. Samuel) Seiger.
Andrew Kriger
Shaarey Tphiloh on :
Far left standing #1 Gertrude Kriger?