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Joint Sisterhoods plan meeting with picture

date not known -

People: Rose Katz, far left; Max (Mrs) Milstein , left; Ben (Mrs) Steinberg, center; Paul (Mrs) Lerman , right; Jacob (Mrs) Levinsky , far right; Mr Edward Gerber; Rose (Mrs) Punsky; Solomon (Mrs.) Turesky; Celia (Mrs) Lerman , far right;

Morris (Mrs) Bekritsky; Samuel (Mrs) Cinamon; Morris (Mrs) Richman ; Sol J (Mrs) Branz; William (Mrs) Punsky; Abraham (Mrs.) Goldberg; Ben (Mrs) Yormack; Bernard (Mrs.) Zade; Meyer (Mrs.) Cope; Max (Mrs) Cook ; Benjamin (Mrs ) Blumenthal ; Louis (Mrs.) Gordon; Abraham (Mrs.) Lamper ;

Gerald (Mrs ) Boxstein; Mathew (Mrs.) Weiner; Theresa Goodman; Paul (Mrs) Berman ; Samuel (Mrs) Shulman ; Harry (Mrs.) Modes ; Samuel (Mrs) comeras ; Philip (Mrs.) Resnick ; Paul (Mrs) Lerman ; Max (Mrs) Serulnick ; Louis (Mrs ) Blumenthal ; Jack (Mrs.) Levinsky ; Jennie Sapolsky ; Philip (Mrs.) Goldberg; Owen (Mrs.) Mack ; Gerald (Mrs ) Boxstein; Nathan (Mrs.) Kops; Jacob (Mrs) Citrin; Louis (Mrs.) Geller; Abraham (Mrs.) Seigal ; Jacob (Mrs) Rubinsky; Benjamin (Mrs.) Goldberg; Bessie (Mrs.) Edison ; Samuel (Mrs) Cinamon; Hyman (Mrs ) Boxstein; Michael (Mrs ) Anches ; Abraham (Mrs ) Berenson ; Rose (Mrs) Katz; Abe (Mrs.) Freedman ; Joseph (Mrs.) Cope; [Mrs-FirstNameNotKnown] Branz ; Myer (Mrs.) Levitan ; Ann Stilman; Jacob (Mrs) Mack ; Joseph Hirshon; Max (Mrs) Milstein ; Benjamin Fineberg ; irving Rothstein; louise Berenson ; Samuel (Mrs) Carlin;

Samuel (Mrs) Ross; William (Mrs) Sidman ; Abraham Goodman; George Fleishman; Jacob (Mrs) Lamport ; Robert (Mrs) Mack ; Bernard (Mrs.) Freedman; Oscar (Mrs.) Modes ; Mendell (Mrs.) Neiss; Mrs Berenson ; Hyman (Mrs ) Berenson ; Abraham (Mrs.) Levine ; Benjamin (Mrs.) Lerman ; Morris (Mrs) Richman ; Louis (Mrs.) Lerman ; Frances (Mrs.) Frank ; William (Mrs) Punsky; Milton (Mrs.) Burke; Cantor Samuel Zimelman

If you recognize any of the unidentified people, please send in their names and biographic information to dmj at