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Bangor Groundbreaking for Addition to JCC

1960 - Bangor Public Library

Thank you to Bangor Public Library and Elizabeth Stevens for the photo
Links to People:
    back  Seymour   Chamoff ;
Links to People:
    front  Milton   Lincoln left; Julius   Gass; Max   Gass; Leo   Viner  3rd from left; Joseph   Ornstein  4th from left ; Dorothy   Ornstein; Louis   Rapaport  5th from left; Adolph   Friedman  6th from left; Rabbi Avraham   Freedman  right;

    middle :   Sharon Kobritz   left ;   Judy Chamoff Gatchell   2nd from left ;   Jon Chamoff   3rd from left ;   Barry Goldsmith   4th from left ;   Joshua Cutler   right ;

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 JCC of Bangor;


Darrell Cooper on December 12, 2019:
This looks like the Bangor Jewish Community Center. I would guess that it was the addition that was added to the Center.
Darrell Cooper