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Nine Women from the Schiffer Bornstein, Shapiro, Miller, Hyman, Diamond, Meltzer, and Lelansky families

Year not known -

Thank you to Harriet Meltzer Barstein for the photo
Links to People:
    :  "Little" Leah   Schiffer ;
Links to People:
    :  "Little" Leah   Schiffer standing far left;
Links to People:
    :  "Little" Leah   Schiffer ; "Big" Leah   Schiffer; "Big" Leah   Schiffer  standing left; "Big" Leah   Schiffer; Martha   Bornstein  Martha   Bornstein  standing centerMartha   Bornstein  ; Sarah   Shapiro; Sarah   Shapiro  standing center; Sarah   Shapiro; Rose   Miller; Rose   Miller  standing right; Rose   Miller; Sarah   Hyman  Sarah H   Hyman  standing far rightSarah H   Hyman  Sara   Diamond  ; Ida   Meltzer; Bella   Lelansky;

    :   Sarah   Diamond ;   sitting left

    :   Sarah   Diamond ;     Ida Meltzer   sitting center ;   Ida Meltzer   ;   Bella Lelansky   sitting right ;   Bella Lelansky   ;