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Sweet 16 Party

Year not known - Pilot's Grill

Thank you to Judy Chamoff Gatchell for the photo
People: Sandy Gass Schiff , front left girl; Harry Tabenken, front left boy; [FirstNameNotKnown] [LastNameNotKnown] , 2nd left girl; Jerome Gotlieb, 2nd left boy; Gail Baker Gouvea, right; Jane Solomon, looking up to her right; Anne Rolsky, young girl in front; David Lieberman , dancing with Anne;

Lois Ingeneri, 3rd left girl; Max Allen, 3rd left boy; Robert Rosen , boy far center; David Sklar , center boy;

: [FirstNameNotKnown] [LastNameNotKnown] , 3rd right girl; Bernie Brickel, 3rd right boy; [FirstNameNotKnown] [LastNameNotKnown] , 2nd right; Barry Lieberman , 2nd right boy;

: [FirstNameNotKnown] [LastNameNotKnown] , right girl; Byron Dresner, right boy; Anne Adelman , front right girl; David Adelman, front right boy

If you recognize any of the unidentified people, please send in their names and biographic information to dmj at

Organizations: Lewiston High School