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Soviet Refugees Come to Portland - 2009 Maine Memory Network

Thank you to Maine Memory Network for the photo

Maine Memory Network

Note : .) @Roberta Kornfeld Gordon Lana Shkolnik and her step-mother, Galina Antonovskiy immigrated from Russia to Maine. 的 can say it out loud, 選知 a Jew,樗 said Shkolnik in 2009, who relished no longer needing to hide her identity. Even though they had led a largely secular life typical of all citizens in Soviet days, the Shkolniks suffered religious persecution, which qualified them for refugee status. While Galina Antonovskiy had a rewarding career as a chemical engineer, she believes she could have moved into a higher management job if she had not been Jewish. She kept quiet about her religion, because anti-Semitism reared its head unexpectedly and often in Russia.
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