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Millinery Show Opens Season For [Shaarey Tphiloh] Sisterhood Membership

10/31/1966 - private collection

Thank you to Portland Press Herald and Charles H Merrill Jr, Press Herald Staff Photographer and Fay Lerman Brown for the photo
 Barnett (Mrs) Plavnick top rightJoseph (Mrs) Lyons bottom leftIcky (Mrs) Abramson bottom right;

mentioned as models :   Samuel (Mrs) Zimelman ;     Harvey (Mrs) Cole ;     Abraham (Mrs) Passman ;     Jack (Mrs) Goldstein ;     Abraham (Mrs) Fineberg ;     Morris (Mrs) Cox ;  

new member :   Joseph (Mrs) Cope   ;   Edward (Mrs) Goldman   ;   Harold (Mrs) Lepoff   ;   Bella Santosky   ;   Morris (Mrs) Baker   ;   Rose Bickman   ;   Morris (Mrs) Brickman   ;   Carl (Mrs) Caplan   ;   Stephen (Mrs) Goodman   ;   Louis (Mrs) Green   ;   Hyman (Mrs) Jacobson   ;   Morris (Mrs) Kallus   ;   Gerald (Mrs) Sneider   ;   Maxwell (Mrs) Wiesenthal   ;

mentioned :   Icky (Mrs) Abramson   ;   Charles (Mrs) Cohen   ;   Herman (Mrs) Gershenson   ;
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