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1940 US Federal Census Data Lewiston

Families with one East European immigrant

N B: Information on place of birth.
Some people replied with the name of the place when they left; others replied with the name of place when the census was taken; in other cases it just seems that it was easier for the census taker to write ‘Russia’ rather than Lithuania, Ukraine or other unfamiliar country names.
And there is another reason to be skeptical of the accuracy of the place of birth information. Immigrants from the Pale had a very justified fear of the Russian and often local governments. One way to manage this reality was to tell government representatives what they expected they wanted to hear or what they thought would bring them the least trouble. This may well explain why a number of family members, who were clearly from Eastern Europe, may have answered ‘Maine’ or ‘New York’.

Nameest birth yearbirth placemartial statusrelation to head of householdstreetoccupationindustryresidence in 1935 Highest Gradeweeks worked in 1939income
Mark Berman1869RussiaMarriedHead84 College   4th grade00
Barbara Supovitz1927MaineSingleDaughter86 Bradleystudent  high school, 1st year  
Donald Nelson1924MaineSingleSon184 East   high school, 1st year00
Arthuir J Nelson1892RussiaMarriedHead184 Eastsalesmanwholesale furniture 8th grade521300
Esther Lempert1892New YorkMarriedWifeMain St.   8th grade00
Freada Nelson1894RussiaMarriedWife184 East   8th grade00
Joseph Lempert1889RussiaMarriedHeadMain St.owner -RWjewelry high school, 2nd year00
Nathan Felansky1898MaineSingleSon205 Ashpeddlersfruit? high school, 3rd year310
Rose Wise1929MaineSingleDaughter221 Pinestudent  6th grade  
Maria A Goodman1939MaineSingleDaughter infant   00
Florine Nelson1921Canada FrenchSingleDaughter184 Eastsecretarialjewelry store college, 2nd year52780
Frances Lempert1922MaineSingleDaughterMain St.   high school, 4th year00
Harry Supovitz1892RussiaMarriedHead86 Bradleypartnerclothing store 8th grade502600
Philip W Lown1891LithuaniaMarriedHead550 Main St.Ownershoe shop college, 1st to 4th year521200
Nettie Bramson1895RussiaMarriedWifeCentral Ave   high school, 4th year  
Mrs. Rebecca Brownstein1878RussiaWidowedMother-in-law366 College   8th grade00
Deborah Goldman1910RussiaMarriedWife487 Main   high school, 4th year00
Esther Goldman1902MaineMarriedWife366 College   college, 1st year00
Morris E Goldman1904RussiaMarriedHead487 Maindoctor MDgeneral practice college, 4th year00
Oscar Goldman1903MassachusettsMarriedHead366 Collegelawyerpriv practice college, 5th or subsequent year520
Richard Goldman1931 SingleSon487 Main   4th grade  
Harris Isaacson1916RussiaMarriedHead30 Whitelawyerprivate practice college, 5th or subsequent year520
Esther Felansky1863RussiaMarriedHead205 Ash   none00
Hyman Margolin1882RussiaMarriedHead549 Maintailorown shop high school, 4th year520
Joseph Margolin1913PennsylvaniaSingleSon549 Mainlawyerpriv practiceBoston, Middlesex, MAcollege, 4th year520
Lena Margolin1890RussiaMarriedWife549 Main   college, 1st year00
Dora Silverman1887MassachusettsMarriedWife45 Jefferson   high school, 1st year00
Samuel Singer1899MaineSingleSonCentral Ave   none  
Frances L Berman1914MaineSingleDaughter84 College   high school, 3rd year00
Abraham Singer1865RussiaWidowedHeadCentral Avemerchantready to wear none  
Matthews (sp?) Benson1899RussiaMarriedHead127 Websterpropietorconfectionary 2nd grade  
William Levine1903RussiaMarriedHead32 Bardwellownerretail grocery high school, 2nd year523000
Samuel Sherr1896RussiaMarriedHead306 Ashtailor  8th grade52 
Ida Benson1900MaineMarriedWife127 Webster   6th grade  
Sophie Levine1907Canada EnglishMarriedWife32 Bardwellhousewife  high school, 4th year  
Mary Abromson1915MaineSingleDaughter322 Pinesocial workerState welfare & Health Dept. college, 5th or subsequent year521250
Hattie Sherr1906MaineMarriedWife306 Ash   high school, 4th grade00
Lillian Zelch1896MaineDivorcedDaughter18 HowardTeacherP. School college, 4th year  
Hyman Dennis1880RussiaMarriedHead48 Xclothing salesmanRetail clothing store 8th grade52975
Kate Dennis1888RussiaMarriedWife48 X  Portland, Cumberland, Maine7th grade  
Rebecca Shapiro1880RussiaMarriedWife5 Central   none  
Saul Supovitz1899RussiaMarriedHead13 Bradleysalesmanclothing store 3rd grade50 
Ernest Silverman1918MaineSingleSon24 Howardclerkclothing store high school, 4th grade52 
Mrs. Allen Ross1879LithuaniaWidowedMother Webster   5th grade 0
HT Berman1867RussiaWidowedHead18 Howard    00
Leonard Plavin1927RussiaSingleSon220 Sabatusstudent     
Louis Bill Scolnik1923MaineSingleSon18 Bradley   high school, 2nd year  
Julius Wise1930MaineSingleSon221 Pinestudent  4th grade  
Annie Abromson1875RussiaMarriedWife322 Pine   6th grade  
Louis Abromson1868RussiaMarriedHead322 Pine   6th grade52 
Hymen Abromson1894PolandDivorcedHeadLisbon St.Salesmandry goods high school, 4th year52700
Sarah Ross1901MaineSingleSisterWebstermerchantretail milinary college, 2nd year52 
Rose E Bell1896RussiaWidowedHead142 Webster   8th grade00
Martha Berman1873RussiaMarriedWife84 College   none00
Gwendoly Bramson1926MaineSingleDaughterCentral Ave   none  
Lena M Burston1888RussiaMarriedWife77 Collegedressmakerclothing store 4th grade20360
Elaine Goldman1934 SingleDaughter487 Main   1st grade  
Henry Cohen1902MassachusettsMarriedHead170 Walnutforemanshoe factory college, 2nd year52 
Mattie Deane1923MaineSingleDaughter21 Shawmut   high school, 3rd year0 
Benjamin Deane1892RussiaMarriedHead21 Shawmutcuttercotton shop 8th grade52700
Bertha Deane1893RussiaMarriedWife21 Shawmut   8th grade00
Rebecca Fogelman1892RussiaMarriedWife17 Bradley   6th grade00
Ethel Lifshitz1897RussiaMarriedWife29 Tampa   6th grade00
Joseph Lifshitz1892RussiaMarriedHead29 Tampasalesmanadvance auto sale 8th grade520
Eugene Minsky1921MaineSingleSon21 Howard   college, 1st year  
Katherine Minsky1896RussiaMarriedWife21 Howard   6th grade00
Samuel Minsky1886RussiaMarriedHead21 Howardmanagerfurniture store 6th grade522600
Abraham Plavin1892RussiaMarriedHead220 Sabatusmerchantfurniture store 8th grade52 
Ethel Plavin1904RussiaMarriedWife220 Sabatushouse wife  8th grade  
Philip Rosenbloom1896MaineSingleSon41 Howardsalesmangeneral merchandise 8th grade00
Leah Rosenbloom1863RussiaMarriedWife41 Howard   4th grade00
Myer Rosenbloom1868RussiaMarriedHead41 Howard   4th grade00
Bessie Scolnik1882RussiaMarriedWife18 Bradley   8th grade00
J Scolnik1878RussiaMarriedHead18 Bradleysalesmanclothing store 8th grade52 
Maurice Scolnik1909MaineSingleSon18 Bradleylaborermill college, 5th or subsequent year401000
Abraham Shapiro1864RussiaMarriedHead5 Centralsalesmanreal estate none  
Freda Shapiro1905New YorkMarriedWife9 Central   high school, 4th year  
Samuel Shapiro1895RussiaMarriedHead9 Centralsalesmanreal estate high school, 2nd year  
Phillip Silverman1872RussiaMarriedHead24 Howardsalesmanclothing 1st grade501560
Frances Benson1925MaineSingleDaughter127 Webster   3rd grade 0
Jennie Sprince1882RussiaMarriedWife25 Shawmut   8th grade00
Joseph Sprince1881RussiaMarriedHead25 Shawmutsalesmanclothing  8th grade521200
Maurce Sprince1870RussiaMarriedHead40 Nichols   4th grade  
Samuel Sprince1910MaineSingleSon25 Shawmut   college, 4th year00
Farney Supovitz1902EnglandMarriedWife13 Bradley   8th grade00
Ruth Supovitz1932MaineSingleDaughter13 Bradley   1st grade  
Sarah Supovitz1898RussiaMarriedWife86 Bradley   high school, 3rd year00
Eva Weinstein1885PolandMarriedHead128 PineHouse Wifeprivate home 8th grade  
Samuel Wise1890RussiaMarriedHead221 Pineownerpawn shop 4th grade520
Max L Baron1885RussiaMarriedHead344 Xtailor-proptailoring shop 8th grade52900
Harold Lifshitz1923MaineSingleSister29 Tampa   high school, 3rd year00
Alvin Miller1929MaineSingleSon89 Webster   7th grade  
Naomie Alperen1928MassachusettsSingleDaughter228 Webster      
Samuel Alperen1911RussiaMarriedHead228 Websterowneroptical works Cheken, MA college, 4th year40900
David Silverman1917MaineSingleSon45 Jeffersonclerkfurniture high school, 4th grade52625
Louis Silverman1886RussiaMarriedHead45 Jeffersonsalesmanladies dress 8th grade36900
Jerome Ross1906MaineSingleHeadWebstermechantretail milinary college, 5th or subsequent year52 
Dorothy Lifshitz1928MaineSingleDaughter29 Tampa   high school, 4th year00
Sylvia Lifshitz1922MaineSingleDaughter29 Tampa   high school, 4th year00
Don Sprince1919MaineSingleSon25 ShawmutClerkstore high school, 4th year52626
Shepard Lifshitz1927MaineSingleSister29 Tampa   6th grade  
Gilbert Michelson1916MaineSingleSon489 Sabbattuscalectorinterstate Co high school, 4th year24400
Goldie Michelson1880Russia VionaWidowedHead489 Sabbattus   8th grade  
Lillian Merson1907RussiaSingleLodger124 Pinestenographertown shoe co high school, 4th year522000
Hyman Merson1902RussiaMarriedHead374 Mainproprietor-Salesman  high school, 4th year523200
Marilyn Isaacson1929MaineSingleDaughter30 White   7th grade  
Philip M Isaacson1925MaineSingleSon30 Whitehousewifeschool high school, 2nd year00
Sylvia Benson1928MaineSingleDaughter127 Webster   7th grade  
Goldie Isaacson1902RussiaMarriedWife30 Whitehousewife  high school, 4th year00
Michael Goldman1936MaineSingleSon366 College      
Dora C Lewis1891Rhode IslandMarriedWife35 Nicholshousewife  high school, 4th year  
Nathan H Lewis1882LithuaniaMarriedHead35 Nichols   8th grade  
Anna R Lown1900New YorkMarriedWife550 Main St.House Holer  high school, 4th year00
Rene Shapiro1932MaineSingleDaughter9 Centralstudent     
Louise C Lown1923Rhode IslandSingleDaughter550 Main St.Student  high school, 4th year01040
Frima L Goldman1936 SingleDaughter487 Main      
S Gilbert Shapiro1938MaineSingleSon9 Central      
Gertrude Weinstein1913Lynn, MASingleDaughter128 PineSale Lady? Firm college, 1st year50900
Sarak Wise1895MaineMarriedWife221 Pine   8th grade00
Meyer Fogelman1890RussiaMarriedHead17 Bradleysalesmanfurniture 6th grade522080
Addie Mandelston1883RussiaMarriedWife47 1/2 Bradley   8th grade00
Max Mandelston1872EuropeMarriedHead47 1/2 Bradleywatchmakerprivate shop high school, 2nd year521000
Annie Silverman1870RussiaMarriedWife24 Howard   1st grade00
Elizabeth Sprince1874RussiaMarriedWife40 Nicholshousewife  8th grade  
Sandra Levine1937MaineSingleDaughter32 Bardwell   none  
John Branason1895MaineMarriedBrother-in-lawCentral Avesalesmanreal estate    
William W Burston1888RussiaMarriedHead77 Collegemechanictypewriter high school, 4th year30720
Beatrice Supovitz1928MaineSingleDaughter13 Bradley   5th grade  
Manuel Plavin1926RussiaSingleSon220 Sabatusstudent     
Arthur Supovitz1932MaineSingleSon86 Bradley   3rd grade  
Sidney Silverman1913MaineSingleSon45 Jeffersonbookkeeperladies dress college, 3rd year00
David Merson1935MaineSingleSon374 Main      
Lena Merson1904RussiaMarriedWife374 Main   high school, 4th year  
James Miller1896RussiaMarriedHead89 Webstermerchant? 8th grade  
Ruth Miller1901New YorkMarriedWife89 Webster   high school, 4th year 0
Eugene Zelch1925MaineSingleSon18 Howard   8th grade  
Arburey Goldburg1894RussiaMarriedWife208 Ash   6th grade00
Louis Goldburg1889RussiaMarriedHead208 Ashbaker's assistantGoldburg's Bakery 6th grade50 
Eleanore Alperen1916MassachusettsMarriedWife228 Webster  Cheken, MAhigh school, 4th year  
Dorothy Baron1914New YorkSingleDaughter344 Xteacherpublic schools college, 3rd year521175
Rose Baron1885RussiaMarriedWife344 X   8th grade  
Frances Cohen1903MassachusettsMarriedWife170 Walnut   high school, 2nd year00
Irwin Cohen1937MaineSingleSon170 Walnut   none  
Mark Cohen1932MassachusettsSingleSon170 Walnutstudent  2nd grade  
Bernard Fogelman1926MaineSingleSon17 Bradley   8th grade  
Esther Goodman1935MaineSingleDaughter infant   00
Rita S Goodman1910New YorkMarriedWife housewife New Yorkhigh school, 4th year00
Joseph Goodman1903RussiaMarriedHead    high school, 4th year523000
Robert L Goodman1933MaineSingleSon    2nd grade00
Bertha Kramer1883RushiaMarriedWife17 West Bateshousekeeperhome none0 
Elizabeth Kramer1922LewistonSingleDaughter17 West Bates   high school, 4th year  
Henry Kramer1875GermanyMarriedHead17 West Batesbobbin cleanercotton mill 7th grade30400
Anna Lehman1904GermanyMarriedWifeRiver Road   8th grade00
William Lehman1899MaineMarriedHeadRiver Roaddesignercotton mill 8th grade522100
Janice Levine1933MaineSingleDaughter32 Bardwell   1st grade  
Martln Levine1932MaineSingleSon32 Bardwell   3rd grade  
Howard Lewis1924MaineSingleSon35 Nicholsstudent  high school, 4th year  
Jason Lewis1916MaineSingleSon35 Nichols   college, 2nd year  
Ruth Lewis1919MaineSingleDaughter35 Nichols   college, 1st year  
Bertha Miller1890RussiaMarriedWife154 Middle   4th grade  
Samuel Miller1877RussiaMarriedHead154 Middlestore keepervariety none520
Bernise Perry1929MaineSingleDaughter39 Howard   5th grade  
Celia Perry1903MassachusettsMarriedWife39 Howard   high school, 3rd year00
Samuel Perry1900RussiaMarriedHead39 Howardsalesmanclothing store  52 
William Perry1932MaineSingleSon39 Howard   2nd grade  
Hannah Scolnik1891RussiaWidowedHead78 Howard   high school, 3rd yearNP 
Helen Scolnik1920MaineSingleDaughter78 Howardstenographerlawyers office college, 2nd year1225
Maxim Scolnik1915MaineSingleSon78 Howardlawyerprivate practice college, 5th or subsequent year120
Dolores White1933Winthrop, MASingleDaughter124 Pine   1st grade  
Ida White1908Barton, Massmarriedwife124 Pinehouse wifeprivate home high school, 4th year  
Lawrence White1937Winthrop, MASingleSon124 Pine      
Samuel White1905PolandMarriedHead124 Pineforemanshoe factory high school, 4th year524000
Frances Wise1922MaineSingleDaughter221 Pinestudent  high school, 4th year00
Goldie Wise1927MaineSingleDaughter221 Pinestudent  8th grade  
Raymond Zelch1931MaineSingleSon18 Howard   2nd grade  
Sherly Plavin1931RussiaSingleDaughter220 Sabatusstudent     
Molly Goldburg1926MaineSingleDaughter208 Ash   high school, 1st year  
Marion Goldburg1932MaineSingleDaughter208 Ash   2nd grade  
Nettie Wise1925MaineSingleDaughter221 Pinestudent  high school, 2nd year00
Albert Weinstein1915Chelsey, MASingleSon128 PineProctuctive Mgshoe factory college, 1st year50900
Isaac Sprince1898RussiaSingleSon40 Nicholssalesmanautomotive 8th grade52 
Samuel D Burston1916MaineSingleSon77 College   college, 3rd year 0
Lottie Burston1919MaineDivorcedDaughter77 Collegebookkeeperhardware store high school, 4th year10125
Groney Goldburg1914New YorkSingleSon208 AshSalesmanmeat business high school, 4th year50500
Alfred Lehman1896MaineSingleBrotherRiver Roadworkershoe shop 8th grade660
Dorothy Lown1920Rhode IslandSingleDaughter550 Main St.Student  college, 3rd year00
Norma Lee Merson1938MaineSingleDaughter374 Main   none  
Ernice Miller1938MaineSingleDaughter89 Webster      
Gila Scolnik1915MaineSingleDaughter18 Bradley mill high school, 4th year40840
Anna Hechtl1873GermanyMarriedMotherRiver Road   8th grade00
Carl Engles1896LatviaDivorcedHead285 Websterweavercotton mill college, 3rd year52900
Cecile Ebert1912MaineMarriedDaughter-in-law62 Bridgestitchershoe factory high school, 2nd year16192
David Gercerwitz1900RussiaSingleLodger35 Libsonpuller overshoe shop 8th grade24480
Fred Ebert1909MaineMarriedSon62 Bridgelinotype operatornewspaper 6th grade401000
Helen Eshuk1931MaineSingleDaughter43 Rosedale   4th grade  
Ida Ebert1883GermanyWidowedHead62 Bridgehousekeeperat home 8th grade0 
Kathleen Eshuk1896PolandMarriedWife43 Rosedalecottender operatorbleachery 7th grade521100
Leo Eshuk1922MaineSingleSon43 Rosedale   high school, 3rd year  
Micheal Eshuk1896PolandMarriedHead43 Rosedalespinnerbleachery high school, 4th year52100
Stanley Eshuk1919MaineSingleSon43 Rosedalestock clerkwholesale ? Store high school, 4th year00
Abe Trucker1912RussiaMarriedHead232 WebsterManager New Yorkhigh school, 4th year501450
Ada Shapiro1920MassachusettsSingleDaughter384 Mainstudent Haverhill, MAcollege, 3rd year00
Albert Shuburt1880PolandMarriedHead107 Woodlaborerbuilding construction 8th grade29300
Alex Zaleski1917MaineSingleSon29 Winterreffrigshoe factory high school, 4th year36850
Allen Goldman1938MaineSingleSon210 Pine      
Anna Goldman1908RussiaMarriedWife210 Pineclerk bookeeperstoreBoston, Suffolk, MAhigh school, 4th year45 
Anna Simon 1882GermanyMarriedWife70 Nicholshousewife Maine6th grade  
Arnold Goldman1936MassachusettsSingleSon210 Pine  Boston, Suffolk, MAnone  
Barbara Zaleski1886RussiaWidowedHead29 Winterhousekeeperat home 8th grade0 
Barbara F Turie1928MassachusettsSingleDaughter12 Libbystudent Borden, Suffolk8th grade  
Beatrice Werner1904New YorkMarriedWife14 Nelke Pl  Brookline, Suffolk, MAcollege, 2nd year00
Benjamin Werner1900RussiaMarriedHead14 Nelke Plsalesmanwholesale shoeBrookline, Suffolk, MAcollege, 4th year520
Benjamin F Kramer1886RussiaWidowedGuest salesmansteelNew York, NYhigh school, 2nd year482186
Bernard Levin1938MaineSingleSonColley Rd. RFD #1      
Blanch Benson1906LithuaniaMarriedWife69 Summerstitcherwoolen mill 4th grade44660
Blanche Iszott1918MaineSingleDaughter60 Propsectcuttercotton mill high school, 4th year52700
Delma Levin1912New YorkMarriedWifeColley Rd. RFD #1  Bridgeport, Fairfield, CThigh school, 4th year  
Ella Trucker1914New YorkMarriedWife232 Websterretail jewelry store New Yorkhigh school, 4th year  
Ema Kramer1901GermanyMarriedWife138 X   8th grade 0
Ernest Simon 1859GermanyMarriedHead70 Nicholsretired Maine6th grade  
Erriel A Shapiro1930BostonSingleSon75 Walnut   6th grade  
Gertrude Scoll1923BostonSingleDaughter18 Bradley   high school, 2nd year  
Gertrude D Turie1901MassachusettsMarriedWife12 Libbyhousewife Boston, suffolk, MAhigh school, 4th grade00
Goldie Shiffer1922MaineSingleDaughter12 Greene   high school, 2nd year00
Gordon Litwin1862PolandSinglePauperLewiston City Farm & Hospital   none  
Henry Shuburt1919MaineSingleSon107 Wooddyerfactory high school, 4th year50800
Henry Iszott1920MaineSingleSon60 Propsectnew worker? high school, 3rd year37270
Herman C Baum1869GermanyMarriedHead421 Collegeweaverwoolen mill 8th grade26500
Howard Levin1940MaineSingleSonColley Rd. RFD #1      
Hubert Benson1907MaineMarriedHead69 Summerlastershoe factory 8th grade24360
Ida Silberman1904RussiaMarriedWife55 Howehouse wifeprivate homeEveretts, MA8th grade  
Irene Benson1928MaineSingleDaughter69 Summer   6th grade  
Isadore Goldman1902RussiaMarriedHead210 Pineclerkprivate businessBoston, Suffolk, MAhigh school, 2nd year521700
Jane Shuburt1918MaineSingleDaughter107 Woodsalesladyretail clothes high school, 3rd year40560
Jennie Shapiro1902RussiaMarriedWife75 Walnut   high school, 1st year  
Joseph M Turie1899RussiaMarriedHead12 LibbychemisttextileLithuaniacollege 1st to 4th525000+
Katherine Simonovich1891LithuaniaMarriedHead308 Bates   1st grade00
Leah M Shiffer1895EnglandMarriedWife12 Greene   6th grade00
Lillian Kramer1927MaineSingleDaughter138 X   high school, 1st year  
Louis Gadrich1899LithuaniaMarriedStepfather308 Batespaintermill 2nd grade36200
Louis Scoll1894RussiaMarriedHead18 Bradleyowner?Boston6th grade0 
Louis A Shapiro1898RussiaMarriedHead75 WalnutRorver Boston, Suffolk, MA8th grade521420
Mannie Shapiro1887RussiaWidowedHead384 Mainhousewife  8th grade02000
Marilyn Goldman1931MassachusettsSingleDaughter210 Pine  Boston, Suffolk, MA5th grade00
Maurice Scoll1925BostonsingleSon18 Bradley   high school, 2nd year  
Maurice F Silberman1900EnglandMarriedHead55 Howeforemanshoe factoryEveretts, MA8th grade522500
Michael Werner1932MassachusettsSingleSon14 Nelke Pl  Brookline, Suffolk, MA2nd grade  
Micheal Iszott1897PolandMarriedHead60 Propsectmouldershoe ? Company 8th grade52950
Minnie Baum1877MinnesotaMarriedWife421 College   8th grade00
Morris Shepler1889RussiaMarriedLodger44 ParksalesmanshoesNew York, NYhigh school, 1st year520
Morris Shiffer1888RussiaMarriedHead12 Greenetailortailor shop 6th grade520
Philip Werner1934MassachusettsSingleSon14 Nelke Pl  Brookline, Suffolk, MA1st grade  
Richard Kramer1900GermanyMarriedHead138 Xbakerbakery 8th grade 0
Robert M Turie1931MassachusettsSingleSon12 Libbystudent Borden, Suffolk4th grade  
Sara Scoll1897RussiaMarriedWife18 Bradley  Boston6th grade00
Sarag Goodman1883RussiaWidowedStepmother55 Howe  Everetts, MA6th grade  
Selma Silberman1928Moss BurtonSingleDaughter55 Howe  Everetts, MA7th grade  
Sophie Simonovich1922MaineSingleDaughter308 Bates   high school, 2nd year  
Tekla Iszott1899PolandMarriedWife60 Propsect   8th grade00
Wolf Levin 1906RussiaMarriedHeadColley Rd. RFD #1salesmanbakery high school, 2nd year31554
Amos Nezoy1875PolandMarriedHead73 River Rd.   3rd grade00
Anna H Kushner1903MaineMarriedWifeLowell St.stitcher  4th grade8150
Anne Alexander1893LithuaniaMarriedWife52 West Bateshousekeeperhome none  
Annie Buselewick1890LithuaniaMarriedWife28 Highland   8th grade  
Barnett Martel1882RussiaMarriedHead75 BlakeproprietorPoultry businessAuburn, Androscoggin, MEhigh school, 4th year520
Bernard Loran1921LithuaniaSingleSon179 Sabaltas  Banzor, Mainecollege, 1st year  
Beverly Stepovitz1928MaineSingleDaughter38 Bradleystudentpublic school 8th grade  
Bille Loran1897PolandMarriedWife179 Sabaltas  Banzor, Mainehigh school, 4th year00
Carolyn Martel1923MassachusettsSingleDaughter75 Blake  Auburn, Androscoggin, MEhigh school, 3rd year00
Cecilia Nezoy1922MaineSingleDaughter73 River Rd.end lierwoolen mill high school, 2nd year52728
Celia Stepovitz1900MaineMarriedWife38 Bradley   8th grade00
Ennie Maudelson1875RussiaMarriedWife75 Howard   none  
Francis Buselewick1928MaineSingleSon28 Highland   7th grade  
Harold Loran1923LithuaniaSingleSon179 Sabaltas  Banzor, Mainehigh school, 3rd year  
Henry Nezoy1918MaineSingleSon73 River Rd.wasselerwoolen mill high school, 2nd year52728
Hiram Loran1896LithuaniaMarriedHead179 Sabaltasmanagershoe shopBanzor, Mainehigh school, 4th year525000
HJ Buselewick1887RussiaMarriedHead28 Highlandbarberbarber shop 8th grade42700
Irving Burtman1909RussiaMarriedHead88 Bartlettegeneral managershoe factoryRoxbury, Suffolk, MAcollege, 4th year414000
Lena Martel1888RussiaMarriedWife75 Blake  Auburn, Androscoggin, MEhigh school, 4th year00
Lillian Loran1926LithuaniaSingleDaughter179 Sabaltas  banzor, Maine8th grade  
Max Maudelson1872RussiaMarriedHead75 Howard   none  
Michael Kushner1898GermanyMarriedHeadLowell St.barber  6th grade521100
Milton Loran1927LithuaniaSingleSon179 Sabaltas  Banzor, Maine6th grade  
Morris Stepovitz1896RussiaMarriedHead38 Bradleypatternclothing store 7th grade522500
Paul Stepovitz1931MaineSingleSon38 Bradleystudent  8th grade  
Philip Kinman1911RussiaMarriedHead18 Bradleycollector? high school, 4th year0600
Rose Kinman1911MaineMarriedWife18 Bradley   college, 1st year00
Rose Burtman1911MassachusettsMarriedWife88 Bartlettehouse wife Roxbury, Suffolk, MAhigh school, 4th grade  
Sofia Nezoy1882PolandMarriedWife73 River Rd.   2nd grade00
Toney Nezoy1915MaineWidowedSon73 River Rd.scourerwomans shoe shop high school, 3rd year52936
Victor Alexander1892LithuaniaMarriedHead52 West Batesloom fixercotton mill none521600
Victor Alexander1930MaineSingleSon52 West Bates   4th grade  
Aron Goldmore1931MassachusettsSingleSon61 Shawmut   3rd grade  
Edith Goldmore1927MassachusettsSingleDaughter61 Shawmut  Boston6th grade  
Ernest Hagman1887MassachusettsMarriedLodger549 Mainjunk dealerown business 3rd grade500
Ernest Erie Hirschler1925GermanySingleSon5 Jefferson  New York, NYhigh school, 1st year  
Harry Green1888RussiaDivorcedLodger81 xmetal seaterscrap iron 8th grade35600
Helen Hirschler1889GermanyMarriedWife5 Jefferson  New York, NYcollege, 5th or subsequent year00
Lillian Goldmore1894RussiaMarriedWife61 Shawmut  Boston6th grade00
Martin Glasberg1921MassachusettsSingleStepson61 Shawmutlaborershoe shopBoston5th grade40600
Max Hirschler1887GermanyMarriedHead5 Jeffersonintand?New York, NYcollege, 5th or subsequent year44400
Nathan Goldmore1888RussiaMarriedHead61 Shawmutlastershoe shopBoston6th grade401000
Samuel Valansky1899RussiaSingleLodger drivertaxiPortlandnone32320
Samuel Gordon1906RussiaMarriedHead228 WebsterManager  high school, 1st year522000
Sophia Gordon1912New YorkMarriedWife228 Webster  Boston, MAcollege, 2nd year 

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