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1940 US Federal Census Data Sanford

Families with one East European immigrant

N B: Information on place of birth.
Some people replied with the name of the place when they left; others replied with the name of place when the census was taken; in other cases it just seems that it was easier for the census taker to write ‘Russia’ rather than Lithuania, Ukraine or other unfamiliar country names.
And there is another reason to be skeptical of the accuracy of the place of birth information. Immigrants from the Pale had a very justified fear of the Russian and often local governments. One way to manage this reality was to tell government representatives what they expected they wanted to hear or what they thought would bring them the least trouble. This may well explain why a number of family members, who were clearly from Eastern Europe, may have answered ‘Maine’ or ‘New York’.

NameEst Birth YearBirth PlaceMarital StatusRelation to Head of Household StreetOccupationindustryresidence in 1935 Highest Gradeweeks worked in 1939income
Maurice Cohen1900Russiamlodger80 Main St., Russia80 Main St.Foreman stitcherGarmentWinthrop, MAElementary school, 2nd grade392340
Samuel Cohen1878RussiamFather in law19 Payne St., Sanford19 Payne St.CutterShoe High school, 2nd year32300
Fannie Cohen1885RussiamMother in law19 Payne St., Sanford19 Payne St.   Elementary school, 8th grade  
Morris Salav (Solov)1894Russiamhead of household1 Reed St., Sanford1 Reed St.MachinistShoe Elementary school, 8th grade522028
Annie Salav (Solov)1896Russiamwife1 Payne St., Sanford1 Payne St.   Elementary school, 8th grade  
Mark Salav (Solov)1914Massachusettssson1 Payne St., Sanford1 Payne St.Stitcher  High school, 4th year  
Jean Salav (Solov)1916Massachusettssdaughter1 Payne St., Sanford1 Payne St.Floor girl  High school, 4th year32544
Paul Salav (Solov)1930Massachusettssson1 Payne St., Sanford1 Payne St.   Elementary school, 4th grade  
Joseph Spector1892Russiamhead of household2 Clark St., Sanford2 Clark St.Edge setter   451082
Ethel Spector1898Russiamwife2 Clark St., Sanford2 Clark St.  Chelsea, MA   
Marilyn Spector1929Massachusettssdaughter2 Clark St., Sanford2 Clark St.   Elementary school, 5th grade  
Elliot Spector1932Massachusettssson2 Clark St., Sanford2 Clark St.  Chelsea, MAElementary school, 1st grade  
Iva (Ina) Spector1934Massachusettssdaughter2 Clark St., Sanford2 Clark St.      
Benjamin Sneider1909Russiamhead of household29 Charles St., Sanford29 Charles St.Stitching room foreman Dorchester, MAHigh School, 4th year522500
Edith Sneider1912Massachusettsmwife29 Charles St., Sanford29 Charles St.  Dorchester, MAHigh School, 2nd year  
Ryna Sneider1934Massachusettssdaughter29 Charles St., Sanford29 Charles St.  Dorchester, MA   
Allen Sneider1937Massachusettssson29 Charles St., Sanford29 Charles St.      
Sarah Silverman1906RussiamwifeWindsor St., SanfordWindsor St.Saleslady  Elementary school, 4th grade520
Arnold Silverman1927MainessonWindsor St., SanfordWindsor St.   Elementary school, 7th grade  
Maurice Silverman1900Mainemhead of householdWindsor St., SanfordWindsor St.Retail Cosmetic Dealer   52 
Gassie (Gussie) Shalit1875Russiawhead of household14 Storer St., Sanford14 Storer St.Saleslady Retail Store  Elementary school, 8th grade8120
Samuel Schwartz1908Russiamhead of household77 Main St., Sanford77 Main St.Office manager  College, 4th year523000
Anna Schwartz1907Massachusettsmwife77 Main St., Sanford77 Main St.   High School, 4th year  
Lawrence Schwartz1932Mainesson77 Main St., Sanford77 Main St.   Elementary school, 2nd grade  
Paula Schwartz1935Mainesdaughter77 Main St., Sanford77 Main St.      
Irma Schwartz1939 (1940)Mainesdaughter77 Main St., Sanford77 Main St.      
Ida Rubin1906Russiamwife1 1/2 Pine St., Sanford1 1/2 Pine St.Laborer  High School, 4th year521000
Eleanor Rubin1928Massachusettssdaughter1 1/2 Pine St., Sanford1 1/2 Pine St.   Elementary school, 6th grade  
Samuel Rubin1898Russiamhead of household1 1/2 Pine St., Sanford1 1/2 Pine St.Asst Foreman Shoe FactoryShoe High school, 1st year522400
Louis Nolibow1876Russiamhead of household8 Mondan St., Sanford8 Mondan St.Rag collector  High School, 4th year52 
Annie Nolibow1877Russiamwife8 Mondan St., Sanford8 Mondan St.   High School, 4th year  
David Nolibow (Molibow)1904New Hampshiresson8 Mondan St., Sanford8 Mondan St.Paster  High School, 4th year8112
Helen Marshall1897Russiamwife16 Ridgeway Ave., Sanford16 Ridgeway Ave.Stitcher  Elementary school, 8th grade26300
Jack Marshall1895Massachusettsmhead of household16 Ridgeway Ave., Sanford16 Ridgeway Ave.Foreman cuting dept  High School, 4th year523120
Philip Laken1896Russiashead of household5 Park St., Sanford5 Park St.Master mechanic  College, 1st year521820
Abraham Jaffee1885Russiamboarder5 Harrison St., Sanford5 Harrison St.cutter room foreman Lynn, MAElementary school, 5th grade524000
David Backman1890Russiamhead of household16 Summer St., Sanford16 Summer St.foreman barber   523220
Alice Backman1904Massachusettsmwife16 Summer St., Sanford16 Summer St.   High school, 1st year  
Harold Backman1923Massachusettssson16 Summer St., Sanford16 Summer St.  Lynn, MAHigh school, 3rd year  
Betty Ann Backman1939 (1940)Mainesdaughter16 Summer St., Sanford16 Summer St.      
Fred Glazier1892Russiamhead of household9 Main St., Sanford9 Main St.Salesman Chelsea, MAHigh school, 1st year52 
Charlotte Glazier1892New Yorkmwife9 Main St., Sanford9 Main St.  Chelsea, MAElementary school, 8th grade  
Sidney Glazier1919Massachusettssson9 Main St., Sanford9 Main St.Garage mechanic Chelsea, MAHigh school, 3rd year52 
Sarah Edelstein1900Russiamwife197 Main St., Sanford197 Main St.Manager  Elementary school, 8th grade521300
Benjamin Edelstein1898Russiamhead of household197 Main St., Sanford197 Main St.Salesman  Elementary school, 8th grade522080
Irving Edelstein1919Massachusettssson197 Main St., Sanford197 Main St.Salesman  College, 2nd year1296
Albert Edelstein1921Massachusettssson197 Main St., Sanford197 Main St.   High School, 4th year  
Robert Dasheff1902RussiamHead12, Sanford12Wood HeelerShoe High school, 1st year501000
Mollie Dasheff1911Russiamwife12, Sanford12clerical shoe factoryShoeChelsea, MAHigh School, 4th year52936
Rose Dargis1904Russiadsister in law16 Ridgeway Ave., Sanford16 Ridgeway Ave.housekeeper  Elementary school, 8th grade52

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