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1940 US Federal Census Data Bath - First Generation Families
Where one member of the family was an East European immigrant

Data extracted by Fred Weinberg (2020)

NameEstimated Birth Year:Birthplace:Marital Status:Relation to Head of House:Home in 1940:Residence in 1935:Citizenship:OccupationHouse Owned or Rented:Value of Home or Monthly Rental if Rented:Highest Grade Completed:Hours Worked Week Prior to CensusWeeks Worked in 1939:Income:
Lewis Abelon [Louis Abelon] *abt 1870 [abt 1865]RussiaMarriedHead3 Federal Street, BrunswickBrunswickNaturalized Owned2500Elementary school, 4th grade 00
Rebecca Abelonabt 1867RussiaMarriedWife3 Federal Street, BrunswickBrunswickNaturalized   Elementary school, 4th grade 00
Israel Abelonabt 1902MaineSingleSon3 Federal Street, BrunswickBrunswick Handy Man  High School, 4th year4010130
Esther Abelonabt 1910MaineSingleDaughter3 Federal Street, BrunswickBrunswick Bookkeeper  High School, 4th year44521150
Bessie Arikabt 1885RussiaWidowedLodger218 Oak Street, BathLaconia, Belknap, New Hampshire   High School, 4th year   
Mary H Arikabt 1910North CarolinaSingleSister218 Oak Street, BathLaconia, Belknap, New Hampshire Clerk Sales  High School, 4th year5052900
Isadore Arikabt 1912North CarolinaSingleHead218 Oak Street, BathLaconia, Belknap, New HampshireNoClerk Welding ShopRented18College, 4th year40521200
Benjamin Berensonabt 1911MaineMarriedHead675 Washington Street, BathPortland, Cumberland, MaineNoSalesmanRented23Elementary school, 8th grade50521200
Louise Berensonabt 1916MaineMarriedWife675 Washington Street, BathWestbrook, Cumberland, Maine    High School, 4th year 00
Barbara Berensonabt 1938MaineSingleDaughter675 Washington Street, Bath     None   
Celia M Brownabt 1871 [abt 1872]PolandWidowedHead2 Pearl Street, BathBathNaturalized Owned5000Elementary school, 8th grade 00
Arthur A Brownabt 1899MaineSingleSon2 Pearl Street, BathBath Inspector +Highway Const  High School, 4th year 361400
Bessie R Brownabt 1903MaineSingleDaughter2 Pearl Street, BathBath Stenographer  High School, 4th year42521350
Mary Brownabt 1905MaineSingleDaughter2 Pearl Street, BathBathPolandSchool Teacher  High School, 1st year4037945
Minnie Brownabt 1911MaineSingleDaughter2 Pearl Street, BathBath Stenographer  High School, 1st year4621525
David S Coganabt 1898RussiaMarriedHead1037 High Street, BathBath MerchantOwned Elementary school, 8th grade60522100
Anna S Coganabt 1906New YorkMarriedWife1037 High Street, BathBath    High School, 4th year 00
Ruth E Coganabt 1925MaineSingleDaughter1037 High Street, BathBath    High School, 1st year 00
Edward Coganabt 1927MaineSingleSon1037 High Street, BathBath    Elementary school, 6th grade   
Gerald L Coganabt 1930MaineSingleSon1037 High Street, BathBath    Elementary school, 5th grade   
Arnold M Coganabt 1933MaineSingleSon1037 High Street, BathBath   Elementary school, 1st grade   
Carol Lee Coganabt 1939 [abt 1940]MaineSingleDaughter1037 High Street, Bath     None   
Morris H Cohenabt 1892LithuaniaMarriedHead10 Old South Place, BathBathNaturalizedStore OwnerOwned5000High School, 4th year52522500
Dora G Cohenabt 1897LithuaniaMarriedWife10 Old South Place, BathBathAmerican Citizen born Abroad   Elementary school, 7th grade 00
Edward B Cohenabt 1921MaineSingleSon10 Old South Place, BathBath    High School, 4th year39900 
Ida R Cohenabt 1924MaineSingleDaughter10 Old South Place, BathBath    High School, 2nd year 00
Sylvia D Cohenabt 1932MaineSingleDaughter10 Old South Place, BathBath    Elementary school, 2nd grade   
Nathan F Cohenabt 1937MaineSingleSon10 Old South Place, Bath     None   
Ann Leah Cohenabt 1937MaineSingleDaughter10 Old South Place, Bath     None   
Janet P Cohenabt 1937MaineSingleDaughter10 Old South Place, Bath     None   
Joseph Epsteinabt 1910New YorkMarriedHead8 Plant, BathMontreal, Quebec, CanadaYesCollectorRented19High School, 1st year54522000
Celia S Epsteinabt 1912Canada EnglishMarriedWife8 Plant, BathMontreal, Quebec, CanadaAlien   High School, 2nd year 00
Sheldon J Epsteinabt 1938Canada EnglishSingleSon8 Plant, Bath Alien   None   
Jacob B Finkelsteinabt 1914Canada EnglishMarriedHeadNo Middle Street, BathMontreal, Quebec, CanadaAlienProprietorRented30High School, 2nd year60521300
Sara B Finkelsteinabt 1909MaineMarriedWife Middle Street, BathAllston, Suffolk, Massachusetts Sales Clerk  College, 1st year30400
David S Finkelsteinabt 1939 [abt 1940]MaineSingleSon Middle Street, BathNoEnglish       
Arthur W Gedimanabt 1898MassachusettsMarriedHead6 Andrews Rd, BathBath Pipe FitterOwned2800High School, 3rd year40521700
Sadie Gedimanabt 1901RussiaMarriedWife6 Andrews Rd, BathBathNaturalized   High School, 2nd year 00
Eleanor R Gedimanabt 1925MaineSingleDaughter6 Andrews Rd, BathBath    High School, 1st year 00
Alvin E Gedimanabt 1931MaineSingleSon6 Andrews Rd, BathBath    Elementary school, 4th grade   
Rita G Gedimanabt 1935MaineSingleDaughter6 Andrews Rd, BathBath    None   
Benjamin S Gedimanabt 1867RussiaMarriedHead41 Pratt Street, BathBathNaturalized Rented15High School, 1st year 00
Sara Gedimanabt 1877MassachusettsMarriedWife41 Pratt Street, BathBath    High School, 1st year 00
Julius O Gediman*abt 1900MassachusettsSingleSon41 Pratt Street, BathBath Proprietor  High School, 2nd year66521000
Edward S Gedimanabt 1910MaineSingleSon41 Pratt Street, BathBath Ship Fitter  High School, 4th year40521800
Emily M Gedimanabt 1916MaineSingleDaughter41 Pratt Street, BathBath Clerk Filling  High School, 4th year48521000
Jacob Goldsteinabt 1887RussiaMarriedHead701 Washington Street, BathBathNaturalizedManagerRented38Elementary school, 8th grade50522080
Minnie S Goldsteinabt 1887RussiaMarriedWife701 Washington Street, BathBathNaturalized   Elementary school, 8th grade 00
Solomon K Greenblattabt 1882RussiaMarriedHead233 Washington Street, BathBathNaturalizedTailorOwned3000None48480
Goldie M Greenblattabt 1890RussiaMarriedWife233 Washington Street, BathBathNaturalized   None 00
Ada Y Greenblattabt 1915MassachusettsSingleDaughter233 Washington Street, BathBath Private secretary  High School, 4th year3852780
Abraham E Greenblattabt 1917MaineSingleSon233 Washington Street, BathBath Electric Welder  High School, 4th year40502046
Isear W Greenblattabt 1919MaineSingleSon233 Washington Street, BathBath Machinist  High School, 4th year4047705
Riva C Greenblattabt 1929MaineSingleDaughter233 Washington Street, BathBath    Elementary school, 5th grade   
Owen L Greenblattabt 1934MaineSingleson233 Washington Street, BathBath    Elementary school, 1st grade   
Max Kutzabt 1896LithuaniaMarriedHead5 Cobb, BathBathNaturalizedOwnerOwned3500Elementary school, 8th grade57520
Talka Kutzabt 1898LatviaMarriedWife5 Cobb, BathBathNaturalizedSaleswoman  High School, 2nd year3600
Sylvia Kutzabt 1920MassachusettsSingleDaughter5 Cobb, BathBath    College, 3rd year 00
Rhoda Kutzabt 1926MaineSingleDaughter5 Cobb, BathBath    Elementary school, 7th grade   
Samuel A Levinabt 1888RussiaMarriedHead10 North Street, BathBathNaturalizedManagerOwned6000High School, 1st year48521400
Belle Levinabt 1895RussiaMarriedWife10 North Street, BathBath Clerk Sales  High School, 1st year4852800
Robert D Levinabt 1925MaineSingleSon10 North Street, BathBath    High School, 1st year   
Mary Lindenbergabt 1884PolandWidowedHead787 Middle, BathBathAlienClerkOwned1000None50520
Ida Lindenbergabt 1919MaineSingleDaughter787 Middle, BathBath Stitcher  High School, 4th year4248528
Sarah Lindenbergabt 1919MaineSingleDaughter787 Middle, BathBath Office Clerk  High School, 4th year4252672
Isadore Singerabt 1904New HampshireMarriedHead81 Bedford Street, BathBath Life Insurance AgentRented17High School, 4th year60523000
Bessie F Singerabt 1910MassachusettsMarriedWife81 Bedford Street, BathBath    College, 2nd year 00
Anne R Singerabt 1937MaineSingleDaughter81 Bedford Street, Bath No   None   
Max Singerabt 1875RussiaMarriedHead5 Federal Street, BrunswickBrunswickNaturalized Owned2560Elementary school, 8th grade 00
Bessie Singerabt 1880RussiaMarriedwife5 Federal Street, BrunswickBrunswickNaturalized   Elementary school, 8th grade 00
Joseph Singerabt 1910MaineSingleSon5 Federal Street, BrunswickBrunswick lawyer  College 4th year48520
Moses H Weinblattabt 1872RussiaWidowedHead24 Center, BathBathProprietorRented20Elementary school, 4th grade5052 
Sophia Mikels*abt 1884MaineSingleHead4 Elm St Court, BathBath Retail Sales FurnitureOwned3500High School, 4th year4852 
Bessie Mikels*abt 1891MaineSinglePartner4 Elm St Court, BathBath Retail Furniture  High School, 4th year4852 
Esther Mikelsabt 1896MaineSinglePartner4 Elm St Court, BathBath Retail Furniture  High School, 4th year4848
Louis M Silvermanabt 1898MassachusettsMarriedBrother-in-law4 Elm St Court, BathBath Salesman  College, 1st year48523400
Ruth P M Silvermanabt 1898MaineMarriedSister4 Elm St Court, BathBath    High School, 4th year 00
Sarah Libby Silvermanabt 1929MassachusettsSingleNiece4 Elm St Court, BathBath    Elementary school, 5th grade 00
Annie Mikelskyabt 1865GermanyWidowedHead9 Franklin, BathBathAlien Owned1800High School, 4th year  Yes
Pauline Mikelskyabt 1893MaineSingleDaughter9 Franklin, BathBath Bookkeeper  High School, 4th year4052520
Morris Petlockabt 1903RussiaSingleBrother22 Franklin, BathBathNaturalizedProprietor  High School, 2nd year4052Yes
Jacob Petlockabt 1907MaineSingleBrother22 Franklin, BathBath Laborer  High School, 2nd year4052750
Esther Petlockabt 1913MaineSingleHead22 Franklin, BathBath  Owned4000High School, 4th year   
Evelyn Petlockabt 1916MaineSingleSister22 Franklin, BathBath Private Secretary  High School, 4th year4052750
Joseph Solovichabt 1870RussiaMarriedHead927 High Street, BathBath ManagerOwned3000High School, 1st year45521000
Jennie Solovichabt 1872RussiaMarriedWife927 High Street, BathBath Owner Manager  High School, 1st year4500
Abraham Millerabt 1876RussiaMarriedHead107 Lincoln Street, BathBathNaturalized 2000 High School, 1st year 00
Ida Millerabt 1877RussiaMarriedWife107 Lincoln Street, BathBath    Elementary school, 8th grade 00
Sadie Millerabt 1897MassachusettsSingleDaughter107 Lincoln Street, BathBath    High School, 1st year  Yes
Alex J Millerabt 1900MassachusettsSingleSon107 Lincoln Street, BathBath Paper Hanger  High School, 4th year Yes 
Jennie Millerabt 1903MaineSingleDaughter107 Lincoln Street, BathBath Bookkeeper  High School, 4th year3052300
Dorice F Millerabt 1916MaineSingleDaughter107 Lincoln Street, BathBoston, Suffolk, Massachusetts     High School, 2nd year 00
Abraham Mayabt 1912GermanyMarriedHead11 Linden Street, BathMontreal, Quebec, Canada4RabbiRentedChurch 3,000College, 4th year40521300
Esther Mayabt 1915RussiaMarriedWife11 Linden Street, BathRural, Carlton, New Brunswick, Canada    High School, 1st yearNo  
Samuel Povichabt 1892New JerseyMarriedHead477 Middle Street, BathBath ProprietorOwned3500High School, 1st year83520
Sophie Povichabt 1898MaineMarriedWife477 Middle Street, BathBath    High School, 2nd year  0
Morris S Povichabt 1888LithuaniaMarriedHead980 Middle Street, BathBath, Sagadahoc, Maine MerchantOwned5000High School, 4th year54522700
Eva Povichabt 1890MaineMarriedWife980 Middle Street, BathEllenwood, Hancock, Maine    High School, 4th year 00
Albert Povichabt 1925MaineSingleSon980 Middle Street, BathBath, Sagadahoc, Maine    High School, 1st year 00
Donald Povichabt 1927MaineSingleSon980 Middle Street, BathBath, Sagadahoc, Maine    Elementary school, 6t   
Justin Wayneabt 1902GermanyMarriedHead152 North Street, BathFrankfort, Prussia, GermanyHaving first papersPattern GraderRented25College, 4th year4248600
Alice Wayneabt 1911BohemiaMarriedWife152 North Street, BathFrankfort, Prussia, GermanyHaving first papers   College, 4th year 00
Harold J Rubinabt 1914MassachusettsMarriedHead161 Oak Street, BathBoston, Suffolk, MassachusettsLawyer   College, 5th or subsequent year50520
Dorothy M Rubinabt 1915MassachusettsMarriedWife161 Oak Street, BathBoston, Suffolk, MassachusettsMaine 1 College, 5th or subsequent year 00
Adelle S Rubinabt 1939 [abt 1940]MaineSingleDaughter161 Oak Street, BathNo        
Jacob Smithabt 1910MaineMarriedHead175 Oak Street, BathAuburn, Cayuga, New York Medical DoctorRented25College, 5th or subsequent year60522400
Sara Smithabt 1910VermontMarriedWife175 Oak Street, BathBurlington, Chittenden, VermontNo   College, 1st year 00
Sam Prawerabt 1901RomaniaMarriedHead36 School, BathPortland, Cumberland, MaineNaturalizedProprietorOwned3500High School, 4th year4052Yes
Dona A Prawerabt 1907MaineMarriedWife36 School, BathBath    High School, 4th year   
Gilbert Prawerabt 1933MaineSingleSon36 School, BathBath        
Harvey E Prawerabt 1938MaineSingleSon36 School, Bath         
Samuel Smithabt 1868RussiaMarriedHead103 Union Street, BrunswickBrunswickHaving first papers Owned4000High School, 4th year 00
Mary M Smithabt 1872RussiaMarriedWife103 Union Street, BrunswickBrunswickHaving first papers   High School, 4th year 00
Joseph I Smithabt 1900LatviaMarriedHead1121 Washington, BathBathNaturalizedDoctorOwned2500College, 4th yearWorking on own account520
Estelle O Smithabt 1902OhioMarriedWife1121 Washington, BathBath    College, 3rd year 00
Robert Smithabt 1928MassachusettsSingleSon1121 Washington, BathBath    Elementary school, 6th grade   
James O Smithabt 1933MaineSingleSon1121 Washington, BathBath    Elementary sc   
Rose Ziblattabt 1904PolandMarriedWife690 Washington Street, BathSalem, Essex, MassachusettsNaturalized   Elementary school, 8th grade 00
Maurice W Ziblatt*abt 1899PolandMarriedHead690 Washington Street, BathSalem, Essex, MassachusettsNaturalizedManagerRented30High School, 4th year52391365
Estelle R Ziblattabt 1926MaineSingleDaughter690 Washington Street, BathSalem, Essex, Massachusetts    Elementary school, 8th grade 00
David A Ziblattabt 1935New HampshireSingleSon690 Washington Street, BathSalem, Essex, Massachusetts    None  

Methodological notes :

This data was culled from the original U.S. census manuscripts, as found on
Jews are understood to constitute an ethnic group of Eastern and Central European origin characterized by common names and occupational pursuits, as well as a distinctive language.
This definition lends itself well to analysis of the data preserved in census records.
Two primary methods were used to identify Jews:
1. Individuals born abroad whose mother tongue is "Yiddish," "Jewish," or "Hebrew" were automatically included in the spreadsheet, as were all members of their families.
2. For individuals born abroad whose mother tongue was another Eastern or Central European language (e.g., Russian, Polish, German), or individuals born in the U.S. with one or more parents from Eastern or Central Europe, we examined surnames, given names within a household, and occupations in light of common Jewish characteristics. This method of analysis is, of course, subject to inaccuracy, as we may have excluded Jews with uncommon names or occupations or included non-Jews whose characteristics appear Jewish. Individuals listed with the annotation "nj?" in the far right-hand column are those whose Jewish ancestry is plausible but questionable.
This method of analysis easily misses Jewish households whose members' parents were all born in the United States. In 1930 Maine, however, such households were quite rare. Special efforts were made to identify households of this nature in Portland, where they constituted less than 1% of identified Jewish households.
All members of a household containing a Jew are included in the spreadsheet, with the exception of Jewish lodgers and servants, who are listed individually. Household members who are evidently not Jewish (such as non-Jewish servants and some spouses or in-laws) are listed with the annotation "nj."
Information on place of birth
Some people replied with the name of the place when they left; others replied with the name of place when the census was taken; in other cases it just seems that it was easier for the census taker to write ‘Russia’ rather than Lithuania, Ukraine or other unfamiliar country names.
And there is another reason to be skeptical of the accuracy of the place of birth information. Immigrants from the Pale had a very justified fear of the Russian and often local governments. One way to manage this reality was to tell government representatives what they expected they wanted to hear or what they thought would bring them the least trouble. This may well explain why a number of family members, who were clearly from Eastern Europe, may have answered ‘Maine’ or ‘New York’.

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