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1900 US Federal Census Data Lewiston

Data extracted by members of the Colby College Maine Jewish History Project research team (2011)
directed by David M. Freidenreich

John H. WebberHeadabt 1871IllinoisGermanyGermany193 Oak St.English Railroad Cashier
Alice A. WebberWifeabt 1874MaineMaineMassachusetts193 Oak St.English  
John H. [Jr.] WebberSonabt 1899MaineIllinoisMaine193 Oak St.   
Herman GelamerHeadabt 1863GermanyGermanyGermany44 Pettingill St.English1882Dyer
Anna GelamerWifeabt 1859GermanyGermanyGermany44 Pettingill St.English1882 
Fred GelamerSonabt 1883MaineGermanyGermany44 Pettingill St.English Day Laborer
Richard GelamerSonabt 1884MassachusettsGermanyGermany44 Pettingill St.English Elevator Boy
Clara GelamerDaughterabt 1886MassachusettsGermanyGermany44 Pettingill St.English At School
Alfred GelamerSonabt 1888MassachusettsGermanyGermany44 Pettingill St.English At School
Emma GelamerDaughterabt 1891MassachusettsGermanyGermany44 Pettingill St.English At School
Ella GelamerDaughterabt 1892MassachusettsGermanyGermany44 Pettingill St.  At School
Nellie GelamerDaughterabt 1895MaineGermanyGermany44 Pettingill St.  At School
Charlie GelamerSonabt 1898MaineGermanyGermany44 Pettingill St.   
William [Roh]leaderHeadabt 1838GermanyGermanyGermany604 Main St.German1867Cotton Weaver
Jennie [Roh]leaderWifeabt 1837GermanyGermanyGermany605 Main St.English1867 
Annie B. RohleaderDaughterabt 1865GermanyGermanyGermany605 Main St.English  
Ada RohleaderDaughterabt 1874GermanyGermanyGermany605 Main St.English  
Fred EbertSon-in-Lawabt 1866GermanyGermanyGermany605 Main St.English Cotton Weaver
Emma SchutzBoarder (with Schott family)abt 1887GermanyGermanyGermany39 Main St.English Spinner
Charles LichtenbergHeadabt 1852GermanyGermanyGermany336 Sabattus St.English1870Loom Fixer
E. Margaret LichtenbergWifeabt 1861MassachusettsGermanyScotland336 Sabattus St.English  
S. Bertha LichtenbergDaughterabt 1880MaineGermanyMassachusetts336 Sabattus St.English Folder
E. Ninnie LichtenbergDaughterabt 1882MaineGermanyMassachusetts336 Sabattus St.English Stitcher
J. William LichtenbergSonabt 1887MaineGermanyMassachusetts336 Sabattus St.English At School
J. Fredrich LichtenbergSonabt 1889MaineGermanyMassachusetts336 Sabattus St.English At School
L. Selma LichtenbergDaughterabt 1892MaineGermanyMassachusetts336 Sabattus St.  At School
W. Carl LichtenbergSonabt 1894MaineGermanyMassachusetts336 Sabattus St.   
Fred ZieglerHeadabt 1854GermanyGermanyGermany? No Name Pond RoadEnglish1870Farmer
Gertrude ZieglerWifeabt 1865GermanyGermanyGermany? No Name Pond RoadEnglish1888 
Gail? ZieglerSonabt 1894MaineGermanyGermany? No Name Pond RoadEnglish At School
Gertrude ZieglerDaughterabt 1898MaineGermanyGermany? No Name Pond Road   
Silas EhrenfriedBoarder (with Nevins family)abt 1877MaineGermanyGermany42 High St.English Dry Goods Dealer
Henry SiemonHeadabt 1838GermanyGermanyGermany24 Lowell St.?English1870Worker in Woolen Mill
Annie M. SiemonWifeabt 1837MaineNew HampshireMaine24 Lowell St.?English  
Carl SiemonSonabt 1881MaineGermanyMaine24 Lowell St.?English ??? Worker
Karolyn KramerHeadabt 1844GermanyGermanyGermany17 Summer St. (West End)English1881 
Henry KramerSonabt 1873GermanyGermanyGermany17 Summer St. (West End)English1881[Bobbin Man]?
Paul KramerSonabt 1886MaineGermanyGermany17 Summer St. (West End)English At School
Elizabeth KramerDaughterabt 1891MaineGermanyGermany17 Summer St. (West End)English At School
Max SeiglerBoarder (with Chadbourne family)abt 1900   98 Oak St.   
William ZeiglerHeadabt 1845GermanyGermanyGermany11 Jones [Road]?English1880Day Laborer
Emma ZeiglerWifeabt 1847GermanyGermanyGermany11 Jones [Road]?English1880 
Bessie ZeiglerDaughterabt 1880GermanyGermanyGermany11 Jones [Road]?English1880 
Rosa ZeiglerDaughterabt 1881MaineGermanyGermany11 Jones [Road]?English Quilter
Edith ZeiglerDaughterabt 1885MaineGermanyGermany11 Jones [Road]?English Quilter
Simon B. EpsteinHeadabt 1866PolandPolandPoland30 [Main] St.?English1883[???] & Cigar Store Owner
Lily EpsteinWifeabt 1872PolandPolandPoland30 [Main] St.?English1889 
Regenie EpsteinDaughterabt 1892MainePolandPoland30 [Main] St.?  At School
Julius EpsteinSonabt 1894MainePolandPoland30 [Main] St.?  At School
Nathan GreenburgHeadabt 1854Poland (WP?)PolandPoland36 Oak St.English1870Owner of Dry Goods Store
Therese GreenburgWifeabt 1858GermanyGermanyGermany36 Oak St.English1875 
Pauline GreenburgDaughterabt 1886MainePolandGermany36 Oak St.English At School
Frank GutmannHeadabt 1833GermanyGermanyGermany130 [Oak] St. ?English1853Worker at Woolen Mill
Mary A. GutmannWifeabt 1839Rhode IslandRhode IslandRhode Island130 [Oak] St. ?English  
Gertrude GutmannDaughterabt 1869MaineGermanyRhode Island130 [Oak] St. ?English [Supt.]? Woolen Mill
Walter U. GutmannSonabt 1871MaineGermanyRhode Island130 [Oak] St. ?English  
Max ZeiglerBoarder (with Leavitt family)abt 1876GermanyGermanyGermany155 Middle St.English1879Shoe Finisher
Herman KlusnerBoarder (at boarding house owned by Sarah Townes)abt 1834GermanyGermanyGermany119 Lisbon St.English1856Loom Fixer
Max MendelstamBoarder (with Landers family)abt 1868GermanyGermanyGermany111 Main St.English1885Jeweler
Abraham HarrisburgHeadabt 1844RussiaRussiaRussia33 Lincoln St.English1892Peddler
Anna HarrisburgWifeabt 1856RussiaRussiaRussia33 Lincoln St.English1892 
Fannie HarrisburgDaughterabt 1890RussiaRussiaRussia33 Lincoln St.English1892At School
Sarah HarrisburgDaughterabt 1892RussiaRussiaRussia33 Lincoln St.English1892At School
Alexander HarrisburgSonabt 1895MaineRussiaRussia33 Lincoln St.English At School
John HarrisburgSonabt 1899MaineRussiaRussia33 Lincoln St.   
David HarrisburgSonabt 1899MaineRussiaRussia33 Lincoln St.   
Jacob GoldbergHeadabt 1870RussiaRussiaRussia25 Lincoln St.English1885Peddler
Celia GoldbergWifeabt 1870RussiaRussiaRussia25 Lincoln St.English1889 
Annie GoldbergDaughterabt 1891MaineRussiaRussia25 Lincoln St.English At School
Abraham GoldbergSonabt 1892MaineRussiaRussia25 Lincoln St.English At School
Rachel W. GoldbergDaughterabt 1893MaineRussiaRussia25 Lincoln St.English At School
Harry GoldbergSonabt 1894MaineRussiaRussia25 Lincoln St.English At School
William GoldbergSonabt 1896MaineRussiaRussia25 Lincoln St.  At School
Sada GoldbergDaughterabt 1898MaineRussiaRussia25 Lincoln St.   
Max GoldbergSonabt 1899MaineRussiaRussia25 Lincoln St.   
Philly CohenHeadabt 1867RussiaRussiaRussia21 Lincoln St.English1882Bottler
Sarah CohenWifeabt 1866RussiaRussiaRussia21 Lincoln St.English1881 
Dora CohenDaughterabt 1891MassachusettsRussiaRussia21 Lincoln St.English At School
Rosa CohenDaughterabt 1893MassachusettsRussiaRussia21 Lincoln St.English At School
Harry CohenSonabt 1894MassachusettsRussiaRussia21 Lincoln St.English At School
Ida CohenDaughterabt 1895MassachusettsRussiaRussia21 Lincoln St.English At School
Emanuel CohenSonabt 1899MassachusettsRussiaRussia21 Lincoln St.   
Harold SupolitzHeadabt 1875RussiaRussiaRussia27 Hines AlleyEnglish1899Peddler
Simon WaddHeadabt 1860RussiaRussiaRussia27 Hines AlleyEnglish1896Peddler
Annie WaddWifeabt 1865RussiaRussiaRussia27 Hines AlleyEnglish1896 
Myer WaddSonabt 1886RussiaRussiaRussia27 Hines AlleyEnglish1896Peddler
Samuel WaddSonabt 1888RussiaRussiaRussia27 Hines AlleyEnglish1896At School
Maurice WaddSonabt 1890RussiaRussiaRussia27 Hines AlleyEnglish1896At School
Sarah WaddDaughterabt 1892RussiaRussiaRussia27 Hines Alley 1896At School
Mary WaddDaughterabt 1896RussiaRussiaRussia27 Hines Alley 1896 
Joseph WisemanHeadabt 1876MaineCanadaCanada116 Lincoln St.English Bartender
Alice WisemanWifeabt 1876MaineIrelandIreland116 Lincoln St.English  
Henry L. WisemanSonabt 1894MaineMaineMaine116 Lincoln St.  At School
Marguerite WisemanDaughterabt 1895MaineMaineMaine116 Lincoln St.  At School
Albertine WisemanDaughterabt 1897MaineMaineMaine116 Lincoln St.   
Joseph WisemanSonabt 1899MaineMaineMaine116 Lincoln St.   
William PulvermanHeadabt 1842GermanyGermanyGermany188 Middle St.English1866Commercial Traveler
Theadore PulvermanSonabt 1880MaineGermanyGermany188 Middle St.English Salesman
Annie PulvermanDaughterabt 1876MaineGermanyGermany188 Middle St.English  
Minnie PulvermanDaughterabt 1882MaineGermanyGermany188 Middle St.English  
Isaac B. IsaacsonBoarder (in Potter household)abt 1860MassachusettsRussiaRussia46 Pine St.English Merchant
Annie IsaacsonBoarder (in Potter household)abt 1866MaineGermanyRussia46 Pine St.English  
Hariett IsaacsonBoarder (in Potter household)abt 1887MaineMassachusettsMaine46 Pine St.English At School
Morse [Mars] LavineHeadabt 1864RussiaRussiaRussia35 Ash St.English1884[Cloak] Maker?
Dora LavineWifeabt 1867RussiaRussiaRussia35 Ash St.English1884 
Frank LavineSonabt 1890New YorkNew YorkRussia35 Ash St.English At School
Ada LavineDaughterabt 1892New YorkNew YorkRussia35 Ash St.  At School
Julius LavineSonabt 1895New YorkNew YorkRussia35 Ash St.   
Abraham SingerHeadabt 1871RussiaRussiaRussia39 Ash St.English1886Dry Goods Merchant
Minnie SingerWifeabt 1871RussiaRussiaRussia39 Ash St.English1890Saleswoman
Nettie SingerDaughterabt 1895MaineRussiaRussia39 Ash St.  At School
Ida SingerDaughterabt 1897MaineRussiaRussia39 Ash St.  At School
Simon SingerSonabt 1898MaineRussiaRussia39 Ash St.   
Sarah SingerSisterabt 1874RussiaRussiaRussia39 Ash St.English1897 
Max FeldblumHeadabt 1870GermanyGermanyGermany118 Bartlett St.English1883Dry Goods Merchant
Etta FeldblumWifeabt 1878GermanyGermanyGermany118 Bartlett St.English1892 
Rosaline FeldblumDaughterabt 1898MassachusettsGermanyGermany118 Bartlett St.   
Jacob SingerHeadabt 1881RussiaRussiaRussia39 Ash St.English1900Dry Goods Salesman
Almira LownHeadabt 1826MaineMaineNew Brunswick57 Walnut St.English  
Benjamin F. LownSonabt 1858MaineMaineMaine57 Walnut St.English Carpenter
Jane LownDaughterabt 1868MaineMaineMaine57 Walnut St.English Printer
Julia M. Fellner [Feller]Assistantabt 1878HungaryHungaryHungary254 Bates [College]?English1880 
Abraham BarnsteinHeadabt 1862RussiaRussiaRussia16 Knox St.English1886Clothing Merchant
Lea BarnsteinWifeabt 1863RussiaRussiaRussia16 Knox St.English1886 
Morse BarnsteinSonabt 1890MassachusettsRussiaRussia16 Knox St.  At School
Jacob BarnsteinSonabt 1892MassachusettsRussiaRussia16 Knox St.  At School
Pauline BarnsteinDaughterabt 1893MassachusettsRussiaRussia16 Knox St.  At School
Fannie BarnsteinDaughterabt 1895MassachusettsRussiaRussia16 Knox St.  At School
David BarnsteinSonabt 1897MassachusettsRussiaRussia16 Knox St.   
L.A. AbramsonHeadabt 1872Poland [Russian]Poland [Russian]Poland [Russian]16 Knox St.English1894Junk Salesman
Annie AbramsonWifeabt 1875Poland [Russian]Poland [Russian]Poland [Russian]16 Knox St.English1895 
Hyman AbramsonSonabt 1895MainePoland [Russian]Poland [Russian]16 Knox St.English At School
Chillia / Celia AbramsonDaughterabt 1900MainePoland [Russian]Poland [Russian]16 Knox St.   
Itcher EdelmonBoarder (with Abramson family)abt 1876RussiaRussiaRussia16 Knox St.English1900Dry Goods Peddler
Max SimmermanHeadabt 1869RussiaRussiaRussia190 Park St.English1883Tailor
Rosie SimmermanWifeabt 1867RussiaRussiaRussia190 Park St.[Russian/Yiddish?]1883 
Ida SimmermanDaughterabt 1890New YorkRussiaRussia190 Park St.English At School
Jacob SimmermanSonabt 1893New YorkRussiaRussia190 Park St.English At School
Lewis SimmermanSonabt 1894New YorkRussiaRussia190 Park St.English At School
Maurice SimmermanSonabt 1895MassachusettsRussiaRussia190 Park St.English At School
Frank GrobowskyHeadabt 1865Poland [Russian]Poland [Russian]Poland [Russian]376 Lisbon St.[Polish/Russian/Yiddish?]1895Bleachery Laborer
H. [Hyman] Goodgosky [Goodkowsky]Headabt 1847Poland [Russian]Poland [Russian]Poland [Russian]488 Lisbon St.English1880Peddler
Rosie [Anne Rose] Goodgosky [Goodkowsky]Wifeabt 1847Poland [Russian]Poland [Russian]Poland [Russian]488 Lisbon St.English1880 
Isaac Goodgosky [Goodkowsky]Sonabt 1880Poland [Russian]Poland [Russian]Poland [Russian]488 Lisbon St.English1880Dry Goods Salesman
Harry Goodgosky [Goodkowsky]Sonabt 1882MainePoland [Russian]Poland [Russian]488 Lisbon St.English Dry Goods Salesman
H. GordonHeadabt 1870Poland [Russian]Poland [Russian]Poland [Russian]488 Lisbon St.English1882Corset Maker
Annie GordonWifeabt 1875Poland [Russian]Poland [Russian]Poland [Russian]488 Lisbon St.English1882 
Goldine GordonDaughterabt 1891MainePoland [Russian]Poland [Russian]488 Lisbon St.English At School
Sara GordonDaughterabt 1893MainePoland [Russian]Poland [Russian]488 Lisbon St.English At School
Julia GordonDaughterabt 1894MainePoland [Russian]Poland [Russian]488 Lisbon St.   
Abraham Goodkosky [Goodkowsky]Headabt 1869Poland [Russian]Poland [Russian]Poland [Russian]280 Lisbon St.English1885Dry Goods Salesman
Bertha Goodkosky [Goodkowsky]Wifeabt 1869GermanyGermanyGermany280 Lisbon St.English1884 
Josiah Samuel Goodkosky [Goodkowsky]Sonabt 1897MainePoland [Russian]Germany280 Lisbon St.   
Alice George Goodkosky [Goodkowsky]Sonabt 1898MassachusettsPoland [Russian]Germany280 Lisbon St.   
Mark Goodkosky [Goodkowsky]Sonabt 1900MainePoland [Russian]Germany280 Lisbon St.   
H. [Herman] BermanHeadabt 1864RussiaRussiaRussia97 Chestnut St.English1873Meat Confectionary
Bella BermanWifeabt 1870RussiaRussiaRussia97 Chestnut St.English1882 
Eva Dora BermanDaughterabt 1884MaineRussiaRussia97 Chestnut St.English At School
Jacob I. BermanSonabt 1886MaineRussiaRussia97 Chestnut St.English  
Sadie BermanDaughterabt 1889MaineRussiaRussia97 Chestnut St.English At School
Bennett BermanSonabt 1892MaineRussiaRussia97 Chestnut St.English At School
Lily BermanDaughterabt 1895MaineRussiaRussia97 Chestnut St.English At School
Eddy BermanSonabt 1897MaineRussiaRussia97 Chestnut St.   
David Lista BermanSonabt 1900MaineRussiaRussia97 Chestnut St.   
Myer RosenbloomHeadabt 1868Poland [German]Poland [German]Poland [German]24 Spruce St.English1885Clothing Salesman
Leah RosenbloomWifeabt 1871Poland [German]Poland [German]Poland [German]24 Spruce St.English1886 
Sarah RosenbloomDaughterabt 1893MainePoland [German]Poland [German]24 Spruce St.English At School
Phillipe RosenbloomSonabt 1895MainePoland [German]Poland [German]24 Spruce St.English At School
Flossie RosenbloomDaughterabt 1897MainePoland [German]Poland [German]24 Spruce St.   
Rachel LubenMother-in-Lawabt 1841Poland [German]Poland [Russian]Poland [Russian]24 Spruce St.[Polish/German/Yiddish?]1885 
Martin HaasLodger (with Sacre family)abt 1860GermanyGermanyGermany297 Lisbon St.English1896Meat Merchant
M BrownsteinHeadabt 1872RussiaRussiaRussia83 Chesnut St.English1887Clothing Merchant
Rebecca BrownsteinWifeabt 1875RussiaRussiaRussia83 Chesnut St.English1897 
Esther BrownsteinDaughterabt 1899MaineRussiaRussia83 Chesnut St.   
Alex AdamaitzBoarder (with McShean family)abt 1875PolandPolandPoland110 Hines AlleyEnglish1897Day Laborer
Max CohenHeadabt 1865PolandPolandPoland148 Lincoln St.English1891Clothier
Fannie CohenWifeabt 1865PolandPolandPoland148 Lincoln St.[Polish/Yiddish?]1891 
Sarah CohenDaughterabt 1893MainePolandPoland148 Lincoln St.  At School
Sadie CohenDaughterabt 1895MainePolandPoland148 Lincoln St.  At School
Isaac CohenSonabt 1897MainePolandPoland148 Lincoln St.   
Joseph CohenSonabt 1900MainePolandPoland148 Lincoln St.   
Aurilia MarksonAuntabt 1840PolandPolandPoland148 Lincoln St.English1883 
Max SchusterHeadabt 1872MainePolandPoland148 Lincoln St.English Peddler
Mary SchusterWifeabt 1874PolandPolandPoland148 Lincoln St.English1896 
Frank SchusterSonabt 1891PolandPolandPoland148 Lincoln St. 1896At School
David SchusterSonabt 1896MainePolandPoland148 Lincoln St.   
Simon SegalHeadabt 1866PolandPolandPoland148 Lincoln St.English1890Merchant
Minnie SegalWifeabt 1864PolandPolandPoland148 Lincoln St.English1893 
Ethel SegalDaughterabt 1886PolandPolandPoland148 Lincoln St.English1893At School
Miah SegalSonabt 1888PolandPolandPoland148 Lincoln St.English1893At School
Ella SegalDaughterabt 1890PolandPolandPoland148 Lincoln St.English1893At School
Rebecca SegalDaughterabt 1892PolandPolandPoland148 Lincoln St.English1893At School
Morris SegalSonabt 1895MainePolandPoland148 Lincoln St.   
Israel SegalSonabt 1896MainePolandPoland148 Lincoln St.   
Abram SegalSonabt 1898MainePolandPoland148 Lincoln St.   
Clifford SegalSonabt 1899MainePolandPoland148 Lincoln St.   
Nathan MarksonHeadabt 1858PolandPolandPoland170 Lincoln St.English1895 
Ethel MarksonWifeabt 1856PolandPolandPoland170 Lincoln St.English1895 
Jennie KertDaughterabt 1878PolandPolandPoland170 Lincoln St.English1895Dry Goods Clerk
Millie MarksonDaughterabt 1880PolandPolandPoland170 Lincoln St.English1895Coat Maker
Joseph MarksonSonabt 1883Canada (French)PolandPoland170 Lincoln St.English1895Junk Store Clerk
Simon MarksonSonabt 1886Canada (French)PolandPoland170 Lincoln St.English1895At School
Rebecca MarksonDaughterabt 1889Canada (French)PolandPoland170 Lincoln St.English1895At School
Arthur MarksonSonabt 1891Canada (French)PolandPoland170 Lincoln St. 1895At School
Ella MarksonDaughterabt 1893Canada (French)PolandPoland170 Lincoln St. 1895At School
Archie MarksonSonabt 1896Canada (French)PolandPoland170 Lincoln St. 1895At School
Hilda KertGrandchildabt 1896MainePolandPoland170 Lincoln St.   
Harry MarksonNephewabt 1879PolandPolandPoland170 Lincoln St.English1899Peddler
Iman SimanskyHeadabt 1856PolandPolandPoland170 Lincoln St.English1883Grocer
Rebecca SimanskyWifeabt 1859PolandPolandPoland170 Lincoln St.English1889 
Harry SimanskySonabt 1880PolandPolandPoland170 Lincoln St.English1889 
Rachel SimanskyDaughterabt 1883PolandPolandPoland170 Lincoln St.English1889Groceries Clerk
Morris SimanskySonabt 1889MainePolandPoland170 Lincoln St.English At School
Annie SimanskyDaughterabt 1891MainePolandPoland170 Lincoln St.  At School
Tina SimanskyDaughterabt 1893MainePolandPoland170 Lincoln St.  At School
Charles SimanskySonabt 1894MainePolandPoland170 Lincoln St.  At School
Abram SimanskySonabt 1896MainePolandPoland170 Lincoln St.  At School
Fanny SimanskyDaughterabt 1898MainePolandPoland170 Lincoln St.  At School
Isaac GreenbergHeadabt 1820PolandPolandPoland187 Lincoln St.English1867Dry Goods Merchant
Toba [or Thursey] GreenbergWifeabt 1820PolandPolandPoland187 Lincoln St.[Polish/Yiddish?]1867 
Gilbert GreenbergSonabt 1860PolandPolandPoland187 Lincoln St.English1867Dry Goods Merchant
Abraham Shilit [Shalet]Headabt 1868PolandPolandPoland181 Lincoln St.English1887Dry Goods Peddler
Gussie Shilit [Shalet]Wifeabt 1873PolandPolandPoland181 Lincoln St.English1873 
Miah Shilit [Shalet]Sonabt 1894MainePolandPoland181 Lincoln St.   
Sally Shilit [Shalet]Daughterabt 1899MainePolandPoland181 Lincoln St.   
Benjamin SilvermanHeadabt 1872PolandPolandPoland181 Lincoln St.English1889Umbrella Manufacturer
Fannie SilvermanWifeabt 1872PolandPolandPoland181 Lincoln St.English1889 
Emanuel SilvermanSonabt 1896MainePolandPoland181 Lincoln St.   
Sarah SilvermanDaughterabt 1898MainePolandPoland181 Lincoln St.   
Cople [Kopel] Kletsky / KlatskyHeadabt 1860PolandPolandPoland173 Lincoln St.English1885Dry Goods Merchant
Sarah Kletsky / KlatskyWifeabt 1864PolandPolandPoland173 Lincoln St.English1889 
Fanny Kletsky / KlatskyDaughterabt 1884PolandPolandPoland173 Lincoln St.English1889Dry Goods Clerk
Etta Kletsky / KlatskyDaughterabt 1886PolandPolandPoland173 Lincoln St.English1889At School
Lilly Kletsky / KlatskyDaughterabt 1890MainePolandPoland173 Lincoln St.English At School
Bessie Kletsky / KlatskyDaughterabt 1893MainePolandPoland173 Lincoln St.  At School
Esther Kletsky / KlatskyDaughterabt 1895MainePolandPoland173 Lincoln St.  At School
Ernest SimonHeadabt 1857GermanyGermanyGermany237 Blake St.English1890Cotton Weaver
Mina SimonWifeabt 1860GermanyGermanyGermany237 Blake St.English1890Cotton Mill Worker
Elsie SimonDaughterabt 1883GermanyGermanyGermany237 Blake St.English1890At School
Earnest SimonSonabt 1886GermanyGermanyGermany237 Blake St.English1890At School
Walter SimonSonabt 1890New HampshireGermanyGermany237 Blake St.English  
Frank F. PollockHeadabt 1863RussiaRussiaRussia24 West Rose HillEnglish1891[???] at Bleachery
Anne PollockWifeabt 1867RussiaRussiaRussia24 West Rose Hill[Russian/Yiddish?]1899 
Stanislou PollockSonabt 1887RussiaRussiaRussia24 West Rose HillEnglish At School
Alexander PollockSonabt 1890RussiaRussiaRussia24 West Rose HillEnglish At School
Herman A. HoffmanHeadabt 1855GermanyGermanyGermany24 River RoadEnglish1881Weaver
Pauline E. HoffmanWifeabt 1859GermanyGermanyGermany24 River RoadEnglish1881 
Gustave A. HoffmanSonabt 1886MassachusettsGermanyGermany24 River RoadEnglish  
Ida M. HoffmanDaughterabt 1887MassachusettsGermanyGermany24 River RoadEnglish At School
Clara E. HoffmanDaughterabt 1888MassachusettsGermanyGermany24 River RoadEnglish At School
Henry HoffmanSonabt 1894MaineGermanyGermany24 River Road  At School
Max HoffmanSonabt 1897MaineGermanyGermany24 River Road   
Willie HoffmanSonabt 1899MaineGermanyGermany24 River Road   
("Baby") HoffmanSonabt 1900MaineGermanyGermany24 River Road   
Arthur GableNephewabt 1892MaineGermanyGermany24 River Road   
Gothelf LehmanHeadabt 1865GermanyGermanyGermany English[1892?]Cotton Weaver
Annie LehmanWifeabt 1872GermanyGermanyGermany English[1892?] 
Alfred LehmanSonabt 1896MaineGermanyGermany    
Arthur LehmanSonabt 1898MaineGermanyGermany    
William LehmanSonabt 1899MaineGermanyGermany    
Augusta SchiebnerHeadabt 1849GermanyGermanyGermany120 Horton St.English1873[???] Hand Mill?
Dora SchiebnerWifeabt 1848GermanyGermanyGermany120 Horton St.English1869Dress Maker
Emma B. SciebnerDaughterabt 1871MassachusettsGermanyGermany120 Horton St.English Dress Maker
David RovinskyHeadabt 1854RussiaRussiaRussia71 Walnut St.English1875Clothing Dealer
Nillie [Willie] RovinskyWifeabt 1858RussiaRussiaRussia71 Walnut St.English1879 
Joe RovinskySonabt 1875RussiaRussiaRussia71 Walnut St.English1878Clothing Dealer
Matthew RovinskySonabt 1881MaineRussiaRussia71 Walnut St.English At School
Gertrude RovinskyDaughterabt 1883MaineRussiaRussia71 Walnut St.English At School
Philip AdelsonHeadabt 1858RussiaRussiaRussia100 [Horton?] St.English1872Cigar Maker
Sadie AdelsonWifeabt 1870Canada (English)Canada (English)Canada (English)100 [Horton?] St.English1891 
Harry AdelsonSonabt 1893Canada (English)RussiaCanada (English)100 [Horton?] St. 1898At School
Abraham MendelsonHeadabt 1865RussiaRussiaRussia55 Howe St.English1870Clothing Business Owner
Rebecca MendelsonWifeabt 1868GermanyGermanyGermany55 Howe St.English1887 
Moses NachunsohnHeadabt 1866EuropeEuropeEurope16 Howe St.English1883Worker at Furnishing Store
Flora NachunsohnWifeabt 1869New YorkGermanyGermany16 Howe St.English  
Sadie NachunsohnDaughterabt 1892New YorkEuropeNew York16 Howe St.  At School
Arom M. NachunsohnSonabt 1895ConnecticutEuropeNew York16 Howe St.  At School
Jessie NachunsohnDaughterabt 1897MassachusettsEuropeNew York16 Howe St.   
August ShershofeFather-in-Law (to Fred Helamm)abt 1822GermanyGermanyGermany606 Sabattus St.German1879 
Seul LennerHeadabt 1868Canada (French)Canada (French)Canada (French)Bolles St.?English1899?Carpenter
S. Evlin LennerWifeabt 1870Canada (French)Canada (French)Canada (French)Bolles St.?English1882 
Edgar LennerSonabt 1895MaineCanada (French)Canada (French)Bolles St.?   
Ervie LennerSonabt 1896MaineCanada (French)Canada (French)Bolles St.?   
Blanche LennerDaughterabt 1898MaineCanada (French)Canada (French)Bolles St.?   
Adell CherestSister-in-Lawabt 1881Canada (French)Canada (French)Canada (French)Bolles St.?English1882Housekeeper
Alfred A. SteademannBoarder (with Robbins family)abt 1875GermanyGermanyGermany1 High St.English1886Bookkeeper
Samuel ShufeldtHeadabt 1846New YorkNew YorkNew York41 Bates St.English Worker in Cotton Mill
Mary ShufeldtWifeabt 1854Canada (English)Canada (English)Canada (English)41 Bates St.English1893 
Julia ShufeldtDaughterabt 1879MassachusettsNew YorkCanada (English)41 Bates St.English Shoe Stitcher
Mabel ShufeldtDaughterabt 1880MassachusettsNew YorkCanada (English)41 Bates St.English Bookkeeper
George ShufeldtSonabt 1882New YorkNew YorkCanada (English)41 Bates St.English At School
Francis ShufeldtSonabt 1884CanadaNew YorkCanada (English)41 Bates St.English1893At School
Charles ShufeldtSonabt 1885CanadaNew YorkCanada (English)41 Bates St.English1893At School
Ethel ShufeldtDaughterabt 1893CanadaNew YorkCanada (English)41 Bates St. 1893At School
Joseph ShufeldtSonabt 1896MaineNew YorkCanada (English)41 Bates St.   
Frederick BrishweinHeadabt 1859GermanyGermanyGermany4 Summer St. (South End)German1897Weaver
Paulinea BrishweinWifeabt 1854GermanyGermanyGermany4 Summer St. (South End)German1897Weaver
Paul BrishweinSonabt 1890GermanyGermanyGermany4 Summer St. (South End)English1897At School
Fredia BrishweinDaughter1899MaineGermanyGermany4 Summer St. (South End)   
Alice SheibenerHeadabt 1860GermanyGermanyGermany39 East West Bates St.English1881 
Emma SheibenerDaughterabt 1882MaineGermanyGermany39 East West Bates St.English Weaver
Bertha SheibenerDaughterabt 1884MaineGermanyGermany39 East West Bates St.English Weaver
Charlie SheibenerSonabt 1886MaineGermanyGermany39 East West Bates St.English At School
Edith SheibenerDaughterabt 1891MaineGermanyGermany39 East West Bates St.English At School
Elsie SheibenerDaughterabt 1893MaineGermanyGermany39 East West Bates St.English At School
James DayHeadabt 1851MassachusettsIrelandIreland48 West Spring St.English Day Laborer
Catherine DayWifeabt 1862Canada (English)Canada (English)Canada (English)48 West Spring St.English1892 
Donald F. DaySonabt 1885Canada (English)MassachusettsCanada (English)48 West Spring St.English Stitcher in Shoe Shop
Francis J. DayDaughterabt 1889Canada (English)MassachusettsCanada (English)48 West Spring St.English At School
Annie E. DayDaughterabt 1894MaineMassachusettsCanada (English)48 West Spring St.English At School
Allan DaySonabt 1897MaineMassachusettsCanada (English)48 West Spring St.   
Mary C. DayDaughterabt 1898MaineMassachusettsMassachusetts48 West Spring St.   
Joseph TachamlerHeadabt 1870AustriaAustriaAustria150 Franklin St.English1890Baker
Marie TachamlerWifeabt 1876GermanyGermanyGermany150 Franklin St.English1893 
John B. TachamlerSonabt 1899MaineAustriaGermany150 Franklin St.   
Samuel SymondsStepson (of Delison Verrill)abt 1883New HampshireMassachusettsNew York58 Ash St.English Shoe Finisher
Frederick EliHeadabt 1862Canada (French)Canada (French)Canada (French)21 Lincoln St.French?1888Carpenter
Julia EliWifeabt 1875Canada (French)Canada (French)Canada (French)21 Lincoln St.French?1888 
Frederick EliSonabt 1893MaineCanada (French)Canada (French)21 Lincoln St.French? At School
Alphonse EliSonabt 1895MaineCanada (French)Canada (French)21 Lincoln St.French? At School
Wilfrid EliDaughterabt 1899MaineCanada (French)Canada (French)21 Lincoln St.   
Marie EttnerServant (in Potter household)abt 1877MaineGermanyGermany46 Pine St.English Waitress
Adam IttnerHeadabt 1842GermanyGermanyGermany17 Canal St. (Bates Blocks)English1877Cotton Mill Weaver
Sophia IttnerWifeabt 1847GermanyGermanyGermany17 Canal St. (Bates Blocks)English1877 
Lawrence IttnerSonabt 1873GermanyGermanyGermany17 Canal St. (Bates Blocks)English1877Policeman
John IttnerSonabt 1876GermanyGermanyGermany17 Canal St. (Bates Blocks)English1877Day Laborer
Annie IttnerDaughterabt 1881MaineGermanyGermany17 Canal St. (Bates Blocks)English Cotton Mill Weaver
Minnie IttnerDaughterabt 1882MaineGermanyGermany17 Canal St. (Bates Blocks)English Cotton Mill Weaver
William IttnerSonabt 1884MaineGermanyGermany17 Canal St. (Bates Blocks)English Shoe Shop Worker
Annie EnsmingerLodger (with True and Peterson families)abt 1877ConnecticutConnecticutConnecticut187 [1/2]? Lisbon St.English Woolen Mill Worker
Gotfried BerkenfieldHeadabt 1836GermanyGermanyGermany172 Blake St.English1867Cotton Mill Weaver
Kate BerkenfieldWifeabt 1841GermanyGermanyGermany172 Blake St.English1872 
William BerkenfieldSonabt 1881MaineGermanyGermany172 Blake St.English Cotton Mill Weaver
Rose BerkenfieldDaughterabt 1882MaineGermanyGermany172 Blake St.English Cotton Mill Weaver
Victoria GlackerHeadabt 1876GermanyGermanyGermany132 Pierce St.English1892Cotton Mill Weaver
Fred RaichelHeadabt 1847GermanyGermanyGermany131 Bartlett St.English1877Cotton Mill Weaver
Emma RaichelDaughterabt 1881MaineGermanyGermany131 Bartlett St.English Cotton Mill Spooler
Henry RaichelSonabt 1883MaineGermanyGermany131 Bartlett St.English Shoemaker [Blacker?]
Fred [Jr.] RaichelSonabt 1886MaineGermanyGermany131 Bartlett St.English At School
Adam JudeikisHeadabt 1860RussiaRussiaRussia16 Knox St.English1893[Bleachery]? Laborer
Konstande JudeikisWifeabt 1862RussiaRussiaRussia16 Knox St.[Russian/Yiddish?]1896 
Charles JudeikisSonabt 1886RussiaRussiaRussia16 Knox St.English1896Dyer at Bleachery
Wladi JudeikisSonabt 1887RussiaRussiaRussia16 Knox St.English1896At School
Annie JudeikisDaughterabt 1888RussiaRussiaRussia16 Knox St.English1896At School
Frank JudeikisSonabt 1899MaineRussiaRussia16 Knox St.   
Joseph RoceviezHeadabt 1848RussiaRussiaRussia16 Knox St.English1896Dyer at Bleachery
Peter RubezinBoarderabt 1876Poland [Russian]Poland [Russian]Poland [Russian]376 Lisbon St.English1895Cotton Mill Spinner
Charles B. WeisnerHeadabt 1870MaineGermanyGermany235 Blake St.English Designer
Lizzie WeisnerWifeabt 1876MaineGermanyGermany235 Blake St.English  
Helen WeisnerDaughterabt 1896MaineMaineMaine235 Blake St.English  
Alphonsine BelinzkieDaughter (of Charles and Cordelia Gagne)abt 1879MaineCanada (French)Canada (French)180 Canal AlleyEnglish  
Joseph BelinzkieSon-in-Law (of Charles and Cordelia Gagne)abt 1872AustriaAustriaAustria180 Canal AlleyEnglish1893Stitcher (at Mill?)
Eva BelinzkieGranddaughterabt 1896MaineAustriaMaine180 Canal Alley   
Albert BelinzkieGrandsonabt 1899MaineAustriaMaine180 Canal Alley   
Fred E. BarschdorfHeadabt 1869GermanyGermanyGermany130 Horton St.English1887Weaver at Cotton Mill
Selma BarschdorfWifeabt 1871GermanyGermanyGermany130 Horton St.English1883 
Walter BarschdorfSonabt 1897MaineGermanyGermany130 Horton St.   
George BarschdorfSonabt 1899MaineGermanyGermany130 Horton St.   
Lottie MadrakowskiRoomer (with Craig family)abt 1881GermanyGermanyGermany337 [Price?] St.English1891Stitcher (at Shoe Shop)

Methodological note :

This data was culled from the original U.S. census manuscripts, as found on Jews are understood to constitute an ethnic group of Eastern and Central European origin characterized by common names and occupational pursuits, as well as a distinctive language. This definition lends itself well to analysis of the data preserved in census records.

Two primary methods were used to identify Jews:

1. Individuals born abroad whose mother tongue is "Yiddish," "Jewish," or "Hebrew" were automatically included in the spreadsheet, as were all members of their families.

2. For individuals born abroad whose mother tongue was another Eastern or Central European language (e.g., Russian, Polish, German), or individuals born in the U.S. with one or more parents from Eastern or Central Europe, we examined surnames, given names within a household, and occupations in light of common Jewish characteristics. This method of analysis is, of course, subject to inaccuracy, as we may have excluded Jews with uncommon names or occupations or included non-Jews whose characteristics appear Jewish. Individuals listed with the annotation "nj?" in the far right-hand column are those whose Jewish ancestry is plausible but questionable.

This method of analysis easily misses Jewish households whose members' parents were all born in the United States. In 1930 Maine, however, such households were quite rare. Special efforts were made to identify households of this nature in Portland, where they constituted less than 1% of identified Jewish households.

All members of a household containing a Jew are included in the spreadsheet, with the exception of Jewish lodgers and servants, who are listed individually. Household members who are evidently not Jewish (such as non-Jewish servants and some spouses or in-laws) are listed with the annotation "nj."

NB : In the census tables below ‘POB’ means ‘place of birth’ and ‘YOI’ means ‘year of immigration’.
There is a bit of historical difficulty with the answers to the questions about place of birth.
Some people replied with the name of the place when they left; others replied with the name of place when the census was taken; in other cases it just seems that it was easier for the census taker to write ‘Russia’ rather than Lithuania, Ukraine or other unfamiliar country names.
And there is another reason to be skeptical of the accuracy of the place of birth information. Immigrants from the Pale had a very justified fear of the Russian and often local governments. One way to manage this reality was to tell government representatives what they expected they wanted to hear or what they thought would bring them the least trouble. This may well explain why a number of family members, who were clearly from Eastern Europe, may have answered ‘Maine’ or ‘New York’.

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