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1910 US Federal Census Data Lewiston
Data extracted by Kate Halpert Lowry (2021)

NameAppx yr of birthplace of birth rel to headAddressoccupationindustryschool info
Anne Cantar 1878RussiaWifeOak Street, Lewiston   
Moses Cantar 1876RussiaHead117 Oak Street, LewistonRetail DealerClothing 
Esther Cantar 1900MassachusettsDaughter117 Oak Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Myer Cantar 1903MassachusettsSon117 Oak Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Lane Supovitz 1891RussiaDaughterMiddle St, Lewiston   
Kasrel [Karl] Supovitz 1866RussiaHead94 Middle St, LewistonPeddlerPeddler 
Harry Supovitz 1890RussiaSon94 Middle St, LewistonDruggistDruggist Clerk 
Sam Supovitz 1888RussiaSon94 Middle St, LewistonTailor Gents Clothing 
Saul Supovitz 1897RussiaSon94 Middle St, Lewiston  Attended School
Minnie Segal 1868RussiaWifeBates Street, Lewiston   
Simon Segal 1868RussiaHeadBates Street, LewistonMinisterHebrew Church 
Rebecca Segal 1892RussiaDaughterBates Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Moses Segal 1895MaineSonBates Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Israel Segal 1897MaineSonBates Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Abram Segal 1898MaineSonBates Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Clifford Segal 1900MaineSonBates Street, Lewiston  Attended School
May Segal 1902MaineDaughterBates Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Harold Segal 1904CanadaSonBates Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Zellia Levine 1891RussiaRoomerMain Street, LewistonShoe MakerShoe ShopAttended School
Sam Levine 1887RussiaRoomerMain Street, LewistonShoe MakerShoe ShopAttended School
Charlie Levine 1892RussiaRoomerMain Street, LewistonPeddlerDry GoodsAttended School
Kopel Klatsky 1854RussiaHeadLincoln Street, LewistonRetail MerchantDry Goods 
Sarah Klatsky 1863RussiaWifeLincoln Street, Lewiston   
Frances Klatsky 1887RussiaDaughterLincoln Street, Lewiston   
Etta Klatsky 1889MaineDaughterLincoln Street, LewistonLivery SewerShoe FactoryNone
Lillian Klatsky 1892MaineDaughterLincoln Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Bessie Klatsky 1894MaineDaughterLincoln Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Esther Klatsky 1896MaineDaughterLincoln Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Max Mendelstam 1868RussiaHead112, LewistonMerchantSewers 
Yetta Mendelstam 1878RussiaWife, Lewiston   
Ada Mendelstam 1904New YorkDaughter, Lewiston   
Abe Mendelstam 1909MaineSon, Lewiston   
Rebecca Brownstein 1878RussiaWife, Lewiston   
Michel [Michael] Brownstein 1873RussiaHead, LewistonBrokerPawn 
Esther Brownstein 1899MaineDaughter, Lewiston  Attended School
Jake Lifsitz 1886RussiaLodgerChes Cedar C, LewistonSalesmanClothing Store 
Sarah Adelman 1880RussiaHead108 Ches Cedar Ct, Lewiston   
Rebecca Adelman 1903MaineDaughter108 Ches Cedar Ct, Lewiston  Attended School
Rosie Adelman 1905MaineDaughter108 Ches Cedar Ct, Lewiston  Attended School
Ephraim Adelman 1907MaineSon108 Ches Cedar Ct, Lewiston   
Karl [Kalman] Scolnik 1885RussiaLodger108 Ches Cedar Ct, LewistonRetail MerchantClothing 
Max Supovitz 1872RussiaHead28th Main St, LewistonTailorTailor Shop 
Mellie [Molly] Supovitz 1877RussiaWife28th Main St, Lewiston   
Eva Supovitz 1898RussiaDaughter28th Main St, Lewiston  Attended School
Bertha Supovitz 1900RussiaDaughter28th Main St, Lewiston  Attended School
Nettie Supovitz 1907MaineDaughter28th Main St, Lewiston   
Bernard [ Benjamin] Supovitz 1886RussiaHeadSabattus Street, LewistonSalesmanDry Goods, Etc 
Frances Supovitz 1886SwedenWifeSabattus Street, Lewiston   
Israel M Levin 1873RussiaHeadCollege Street, LewistonRetail MerchantClothing 
Gertrude R Levin 1876RussiaWifeCollege Street, Lewiston   
Sadie Levin 1905MaineDaughterCollege Street, Lewiston   
Clarence Levin 1907MaineSonCollege Street, Lewiston   
Harold Levin 1909MaineSonCollege Street, Lewiston   
Goldie Levenson 1893RussiaServantCollege Street, LewistonServantPrivate Home 
Frank Weiser 1884RussiaLodgerKnox Street, LewistonLaborerBleachery 
Max Berman 1865RussiaHead, LewistonStore KeeperClothing 
Martha Berman 1872RussiaWife, Lewiston   
Francis Berman 1891MassachusettsDaughter, Lewiston   
Jack Berman 1893MaineSon, LewistonSalesmanClothing Store 
Ita B [Ida] Berman 1896MaineDaughter, Lewiston  Attended School
Harry Berman 1897MaineSon, Lewiston  Attended School
Joe Berman 1899MaineSon, Lewiston  Attended School
Bella Berman 1870RussiaWifeHowe, Lewiston   
Herman J Berman 1864New YorkHead60 Howe, LewistonMerchantRestaurant 
Sadie Berman 1885MaineDaughter60 Howe, LewistonTeacherPrimary School 
Benjamin Berman 1893MaineSon60 Howe, Lewiston  Attended School
Lillie Berman 1896MaineDaughter60 Howe, Lewiston  Attended School
Edward Berman 1898MaineSon60 Howe, Lewiston  Attended School
David Berman 1901MaineSon60 Howe, Lewiston  Attended School
Morris Barnstone 1870RussiaHead33 Prescott St, LewistonTailorOwn Shop 
Lena D Barnstone 1872GermanyWife33 Prescott St, Lewiston   
Samuel Barnstone 1897MassachusettsSon33 Prescott St, Lewiston  Attended School
Jessie C Barnstone 1898MassachusettsDaughter33 Prescott St, Lewiston  Attended School
Ralph Barnstone 1900MassachusettsSon33 Prescott St, Lewiston  Attended School
Rebecca Barnstone 1901MassachusettsDaughter33 Prescott St, Lewiston  Attended School
Mary [Martha Leah] Bernstein 1870RussiaWifeLincoln Street, Lewiston   
AL [ Lewis ] Bernstein 1878RussiaHead216 Lincoln Street, LewistonOwnerBottling Shop 
Sam Bernstein 1903MaineSon216 Lincoln Street, Lewiston  None
Myer Bernstein 1908MaineSon216 Lincoln Street, Lewiston   
Bennie Bernstein 1907MaineSon216 Lincoln Street, Lewiston   
Esther Blumenthal 1892RussiaLodger, LewistonPaper HangerOwn Account 
Morris Sprince 1871RussiaBrotherPark Street, LewistonMerchantClothing 
Joseph Sprince 1881RussiaHeadPark Street, LewistonMerchantClothing 
Jennie Sprince 1883RussiaWifePark Street, Lewiston   
Samuel Sprince 1909MaineSonPark Street, Lewiston   
Henry Sprince 1899FranceNephewPark Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Sam Rozenberg 1889RussiaLodgerPark Street, LewistonCommercial TenderTea Com 
Ethel Shapiro 1889RussiaWifeAsh Street, Lewiston   
Israel Shapiro 1880RussiaHead34 Ash Street, LewistonStore KeeperDry Goods Store 
Florence Shapiro 1910MaineDaughter34 Ash Street, Lewiston   
Joe S Saxe 1864RussiaHeadChestnut Street, LewistonMerchantJunk 
Youdous Saxe 1865RussiaWifeChestnut Street, Lewiston   
Mildred Saxe 1889RussiaDaughterChestnut Street, LewistonStenographerInsurance 
Israil Saxe 1901MaineSonChestnut Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Harry Persky  RussiaBoarderChestnut Street, LewistonMerchantPeddling 
Joe Baker 1868RussiaBoarderChestnut Street, LewistonMerchantPeddling 
Harry Rosenberg 1870RussiaHead631 Summer Street, LewistonMerchantRetail Junk 
Ida Rosenberg 1872RussiaWife631 Summer Street, Lewiston   
Dora Rosenberg 1894At SeaDaughter631 Summer Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Abe Rosenberg 1899New YorkSon631 Summer Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Isac Rosenberg 1900MaineSon631 Summer Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Jacob Rosenberg 1903MaineSon631 Summer Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Samuel Rosenberg 1905MaineSon631 Summer Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Sarah Rosenberg 1908MaineDaughter631 Summer Street, Lewiston   
Mary Rosenberg 1910MaineDaughter631 Summer Street, Lewiston   
Annie Ross 1878RussiaWifePierce St, Lewiston   
Allen Ross 1871RussiaHead183 Pierce St, LewistonOdd JobsOwn Store 
Louis Ross 1902MaineSon183 Pierce St, Lewiston  Attended School
Sarah Ross 1899MaineDaughter183 Pierce St, Lewiston  Attended School
Jerome Ross 1906MaineSon183 Pierce St, Lewiston   
Leah Rosenbloom 1872RussiaWifePark Street, Lewiston   
Harry [Meyer] Rosenbloom 1870RussiaHeadPark Street, LewistonMerchantClothier 
Sarah Rosenbloom 1893MaineDaughterPark Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Philip Rosenbloom 1895MaineSonPark Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Florence Rosenbloom 1898MaineDaughterPark Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Jennie Rosenbloom 1904MaineDaughterPark Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Lewis Silberman   LodgerPark Street, LewistonMerchantClothing 
Rachel Loubin 1834RussiaLodgerPark Street, Lewiston   
Rebecca Mendelson 1875RussiaWifeWalnut Street, Lewiston   
Max Mendelson 1868RussiaHead41 Walnut Street, LewistonCarpenterClothing Hse 
Nathan Merrott 1879RussiaBrother-in-law41 Walnut Street, LewistonSalesmanClothing Store 
Louis Levenson 1895MassachusettsNephew41 Walnut Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Louis Merrott 1871RussiaBrother-in-law41 Walnut Street, LewistonProprietorClothing House 
Mary Mendelstan 1889RussiaWifePark Street, Lewiston   
Jake Mendelstan 1886MaineHeadPark Street, LewistonJewelerRetail 
Tannie Magelvysky 1892RussiaDaughterLincoln Street, LewistonMachine TenderBox ShopNone
Annie Magelvysky 1868RussiaHeadLincoln Street, Lewiston   
Eva Magelvysky 1900RussiaDaughterLincoln Street, Lewiston  Attended School
David Magelvysky 1901RussiaSonLincoln Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Rosie Magelvysky 1902RussiaDaughterLincoln Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Ida Magelvysky 1905MaineDaughterLincoln Street, Lewiston  None
Dora Magelvysky 1907MaineDaughterLincoln Street, Lewiston   
Bessie Magelvysky 1908MaineDaughterLincoln Street, Lewiston   
Louis Lelansky 1862RussiaHeadMiddle Street, LewistonPeddlerOwn Account 
Esther Lelansky 1865RussiaWifeMiddle Street, Lewiston   
Samuel Lelansky 1892MaineSonMiddle Street, LewistonPeddler  
Sarah Lelansky 1895MaineDaughterMiddle Street, LewistonStitcherShoe Shop 
Nathan Lelansky 1898MaineSonMiddle Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Eva Lelansky 1900MaineDaughterMiddle Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Joseph Lelansky 1901MaineSonMiddle Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Moses Bacalanick 1881RussiaHead81 Maple Street, LewistonSalesmanDry Goods Store 
Frances Bacalanick 1887RussiaWife81 Maple Street, Lewiston   
Harry Harrisburg 1875RussiaSon, LewistonLumb DealerWholesaler 
Abraham Harrisburg 1856RussiaHead35, LewistonStore KeeperLivery 
Hannah [Anna] Harrisburg 1860RussiaWife, Lewiston   
Frances Harrisburg 1889RussiaDaughter, Lewiston   
Sarah Harrisburg 1892RussiaDaughter, Lewiston  None
Aleck Harrisburg 1895MaineSon, Lewiston  Attended School
John Harrisburg 1897MaineSon, Lewiston  Attended School
Lewis Stein 1907MaineGrandson, Lewiston   
Gertrude Harrisburg 1880RussiaWifeMiddle Street, Lewiston   
Celia Harrisburg 1899MassachusettsDaughterMiddle Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Samuel Harrisburg 1901MaineSonMiddle Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Ida Goldburg 1872RussiaWifeMiddle Street, Lewiston   
Nathan Goldburg 1870RussiaHead111 Middle Street, LewistonJunk Shop  
Isabel Goldburg 1892RussiaDaughter111 Middle Street, LewistonClerkJunk Shop 
Harry Goldberg 1894RussiaSon111 Middle Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Ben Goldburg 1897RussiaSon111 Middle Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Rebecca Goldburg 1900RussiaDaughter111 Middle Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Joseph Goldburg 1902RussiaSon111 Middle Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Victor Friedman 1883PolandHeadHalland St, LewistonGrocery Own  
Frances Friedman 1890MaineWifeHalland St, Lewiston   
Samuel B Epstein 1865RussiaHead30 Ash Street, LewistonRetail MerchantJewelry 
Lillian E Epstein 1880RussiaWife30 Ash Street, Lewiston   
Regina Epstein 1892MaineDaughter30 Ash Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Julius Epstein 1894MaineSon30 Ash Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Mise Fineburg 1850RussiaMother-in-law, Lewiston   
Philip Adelson 1868RussiaHead, LewistonRepairerUmbrellas 
Sarah Adelson 1865RussiaWife, Lewiston   
Harry Adelson 1892MaineSon, LewistonLaborerCotton Mill 
Myer Alpren 1898RussiaSonLincoln Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Morris Alpren 1875RussiaHead187 Lincoln Street, LewistonDealerJunk 
Sadie Alpren 1877RussiaWife187 Lincoln Street, Lewiston   
Samuel Alpren 1899RussiaSon187 Lincoln Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Louis Alpren 1903MaineSon187 Lincoln Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Israel Alpren 1905MaineSon187 Lincoln Street, Lewiston  None
Harry Alpren 1907MaineSon187 Lincoln Street, Lewiston   
Louis Abromson 1870RussiaHead161 Park Street, LewistonJunk Dealer  
Annie Abromson 1876RussiaWife161 Park Street, Lewiston   
Hymen Abromson 1894RussiaSon161 Park Street, Lewiston  None
Celia Abromson 1900MaineDaughter161 Park Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Fannie Abromson 1902MaineDaughter161 Park Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Esther Abromson 1904MaineDaughter161 Park Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Benjamin Abromson 1907MaineSon161 Park Street, Lewiston   
John Abromson 1908MaineSon161 Park Street, Lewiston   
Isadore Adler 1870RussiaHead82 West Bates Street, LewistonTailorTailor Shop 
Rosy Adler 1881AustriaWife82 West Bates Street, Lewiston   
Tilly Adler 1901CanadaDaughter82 West Bates Street, Lewiston  Attended School
David Adler 1904CanadaSon82 West Bates Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Laura Adler 1906CanadaDaughter82 West Bates Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Abriham Adler 1908IllinoisSon82 West Bates Street, Lewiston   
Henry Adler 1909MaineSon82 West Bates Street, Lewiston   
Maurice Adler 1893CanadaSon82 West Bates Street, LewistonRoom BoyBobbin ShopNone
Joe Adler 1895CanadaSon82 West Bates Street, LewistonMessage BoyTailor ShopNone
Harry Adler 1897CanadaSon82 West Bates Street, Lewiston  Attended School
Abraham Singer 1872PolandHead173, LewistonMerchantDry Goods 
Nettie Singer 1872PolandWife, Lewiston   
Ida Singer 1896MaineDaughter, Lewiston   
Samuel Singer 1898MaineSon, Lewiston   
David Singer 1901MaineSon, Lewiston   
Percy Singer 1908MaineSon, Lewiston   
Nettie Singer 1894MaineDaughter, Lewiston   
Fannie Mendelson 1875PolandWife, Lewiston   
Albert Mendelson 1868PolandHead110, LewistonMerchantClothing 
Julia Mendelson 1897MaineDaughter110, Lewiston  Attended School
Carrie Mendelson 1899MaineDaughter110, Lewiston  Attended School
Martha Mendelson 1901MaineDaughter110, Lewiston   
John Landau 1879RussiaHead25 Park St, LewistonPeddlerdry goods 
Mary Landau 1892RussiaWife25 Park St, Lewiston   
Anna Landau 1907RussiaDaughter25 Park St, Lewiston  

Methodological notes :

This data was culled from the original U.S. census manuscripts, as found on
Jews are understood to constitute an ethnic group of Eastern and Central European origin characterized by common names and occupational pursuits, as well as a distinctive language.
This definition lends itself well to analysis of the data preserved in census records.
Two primary methods were used to identify Jews:
1. Individuals born abroad whose mother tongue is "Yiddish," "Jewish," or "Hebrew" were automatically included in the spreadsheet, as were all members of their families.
2. For individuals born abroad whose mother tongue was another Eastern or Central European language (e.g., Russian, Polish, German), or individuals born in the U.S. with one or more parents from Eastern or Central Europe, we examined surnames, given names within a household, and occupations in light of common Jewish characteristics. This method of analysis is, of course, subject to inaccuracy, as we may have excluded Jews with uncommon names or occupations or included non-Jews whose characteristics appear Jewish. Individuals listed with the annotation "nj?" in the far right-hand column are those whose Jewish ancestry is plausible but questionable.
This method of analysis easily misses Jewish households whose members' parents were all born in the United States. In 1930 Maine, however, such households were quite rare. Special efforts were made to identify households of this nature in Portland, where they constituted less than 1% of identified Jewish households.
All members of a household containing a Jew are included in the spreadsheet, with the exception of Jewish lodgers and servants, who are listed individually. Household members who are evidently not Jewish (such as non-Jewish servants and some spouses or in-laws) are listed with the annotation "nj."
Information on place of birth
Some people replied with the name of the place when they left; others replied with the name of place when the census was taken; in other cases it just seems that it was easier for the census taker to write ‘Russia’ rather than Lithuania, Ukraine or other unfamiliar country names.
And there is another reason to be skeptical of the accuracy of the place of birth information. Immigrants from the Pale had a very justified fear of the Russian and often local governments. One way to manage this reality was to tell government representatives what they expected they wanted to hear or what they thought would bring them the least trouble. This may well explain why a number of family members, who were clearly from Eastern Europe, may have answered ‘Maine’ or ‘New York’.

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