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Iota Phi Group Photo

1946 - private collection

Thank you to Marcy Pluznick-Marrin for the photo
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    front  Dorothy   Slade  left Frances     2nd from left; Inez     3rd from left; Mim     4th from left; Arlene   Goffin Eisen  middle; Jean   Gordon  4th from right; Sula     3rd from right ; Ida     right;   Hilda Livingston   3rd from left ;     Vivian   Sohn ;   5th from right   Glenys Blumenthal Davis   4th from right ;   Shirley Goffin   right ;

    back :      Rita   left ;'     Nancy   4th from left ;     Helen Bernstein   middle ;     Selma Cohen Pluznick   5th from right ;     Phyllis Israelson   4th from right ;     Nadine Finberg   3rd from right ;     Elaine   Troen   right ;
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