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Unobskey Party

circa 1944 -

Thank you to Amy E Waterman for the photo
Note: CIRCA 1944 – This photo was taken at The Algonquin Hotel in St. Andrews, N.B. probably on June 21st. Arthur claimed the 21st as his birthday as it was Martha’s birthday. Those photographed were the staff from Unobskys in the Calais & Eastport stores: Mart
 Roy   Seamans  2nd from leftArthur   Unobskey  4th from leftLillian   Rudman Unobskey  5th from leftMorris   Holland  6th from left;     Mae   Hill   3rd from left ;   Joseph   Unobskey   2nd from left ;   sister of Paul   McMillan   3rd from left ;   Paul   McMillan   4th from left ;   Sylvia   Holland   5th from left ;   Charles   Unobskey   far right ;
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