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Campers and Canoes at Center Day Camp

circa 1965 -

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     Douglas   Schair left; Carla   Marcus  2nd from left; Jane   Cinamon  3rd from left; JoAnn   Marcus  4th from left; Bruce   Abromson  5th from left; Ken   Farber  6th from left ; Andy   Shulman  5th from right; Steve   Cope  4th from right; Janet   Romanow  3rd from right; Jeanne   Oransky  2nd from right; Steve   Laskoff  right;
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Jessica Lantos on June 6, 2020:
Doug Scherr Carla Marcus? Jane Cinamon, JoAnn Marcus, Bruce Abromson, Ken Farber, Andy Shulman, Steve Cope, Janet Romanow, Jeanne Oransky Steve Laskoff: Karen Benjamin Lerman