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Meeting Minutes of Hebrew Ladies Aid Society

1927-1929 - Beth Israel, Bath

Click here if the pdf does not appear: Hebrew Ladies Aid Society 1927

Thank you to Fred and Marilyn Weinberg for the article
 Mrs   Brown  David (Mrs)   Cogan  Morris (Mrs)   Cohen  Mrs   Davis  Arthur (Mrs)   Gediman  Henry   Gediman  B (Mrs)   Gediman  ; [Mrs - FirstNameNotKnown]   Green; N (Mrs)   Greenblatt; Sidney   Jacobs  Max (Mrs)   Kutz  Sam (Mrs)   Levin  [Mr first name not known]   Michelsky  ; Charles (Mrs)   Miller; Kenneth (Mrs)   Miller; A (Mrs)   Miller; Mrs   Peerlin  N (Mrs)   Petlock  Morris (Mrs)   Povich  Morris S   Povich  Nathan (Mrs)   Povich  Sam (Mrs)   Povich  ; D (Mrs)   Rosen; Abraham   Simonovitz  Isadore (Mrs)   Singer  Mrs J   Solovich  ;
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