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Meeting Minutes of Hebrew Ladies Aid Society

1939-1940 - Beth Israel, Bath

Click here if the pdf does not appear: Hebrew Ladies Aid Society 1939

Thank you to Fred and Marilyn Weinberg for the article
Links to People:
    :  L (Mrs)   Abelon  
Links to People:
    :  L (Mrs)   Abelon  
Links to People:
    :  L (Mrs)   Abelon  
Links to People:
    :  L (Mrs)   Abelon   Rose   Berenson  Ann   Cogan  David   Cogan  ; Mrs   Cogan; Mrs   Cohen; Mrs   Epstein; Jacob (Mrs)   Finklestein; Dr Leo   Franklin  Arthur (Mrs)   Gediman  Henry   Gediman  Sadie   Gediman  ; M (Mrs)   Goldstein; Mrs   Greenblatt; Mrs   Karalick (?)  Bessie   Konalisk (?)  Mrs A   Kramer  Max   Kutz  Max (Mrs)   Kutz  Bella   Levine  ; Mrs S   Levine; Mrs Pearl   Levy; Mrs   Lutz; Abraham (Mrs)   May  Martha   Miller  ; Mrs   Miller, Jr; Mrs   Perkins; Dora   Petlock  Evelyn   Petlock  Louis   Petlock  Louis (Mrs)   Petlock  Eva   Povich  Jay   Povich  Morris   Povich  Morris (Mrs)   Povich  Sam (Mrs)   Povich  Samuel (Mrs)   Prawer  Dorothy   Rubin  Harold (Mrs)   Rubin  Isadore (Mrs)   Singer  Frances   Smith  Jacob (Mrs)   Smith  ; Jas. (?) Mrs   Smith; Sara   Smith  ; Mrs   Solovich; [Mrs First Name Not Known]   Wayne  Mrs   Zieblatt  ;
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Sarah Robinoff on :
I was unable to see the picture as it stated something about \"not available on this server\". Help?
Joyce Finkelstein Pulaski on :
One of the Mrs. Epsteins is Celia and the Mrs. Finkelsteins is Sara.
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