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1930 US Federal Census Data

Data extracted by members of the Colby College Maine Jewish History Project research team (2011), directed by David M. Freidenreich

Name with link to DMJ biosRelation to headHouse Number Street nameown/rent, valuebirth yearageAge at 1st Marrstudentliterate?POB personPOB fatherPOB mothermother tongueYOInat/alienoccupationindustrycodeclassEmployed?enum. distAncestry pg#Source
Max Freidmanhead69 Cony St.O 12000abt 18725833noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaRussian1898namerchantfruit8891Wyes1021930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Jennie Freidmanwife69 Cony St. abt 18834722noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaRussianunnanone    1021930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Rebecca Freidmandaughter69 Cony St. abt 190723 noyesMaine     keeperstate library9395Wyes1021930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Rose Freidmandaughter69 Cony St. abt 191020 noyesMaineRussiaRussia   book keeperoffice6999Wyes1021930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Mike Levinehead113 Bangor St.R 25#VALUE!un noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaRussian1902unconfectionarygenl. store4590Wyes10221930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Ida Levinewife113 Bangor St. #VALUE!un noyesMaineMaineMaine   none    10221930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Shirley K Levinedaughter113 Bangor St. abt 1929.50.5 nonoMaineRussiaMaine   none    10221930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Joseph Dionhead3 Higgins St.R 30abt 18943630noyesMaineRussiaRussia   clerkclothing store7390Wyes2131930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Mae L Dionwife3 Higgins St. abt 19003024noyesMaineMassachusettsMassachusetts    none   2131930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Norman L Dionson3 Higgins St. abt 19255 yesyesMaineMaineMaine    none   2131930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Jacob Vernsteinhead21 Glenwood St.R 40abt 18894121noyesMassachusettsRussiaRussia   salesmanfurniture4090Wyes2191930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Teresa Vernsteinwife21 Glenwood St. abt 18953516noyesMassachusettsPolandPoland   none    2191930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Harry Laithead53 Court St.R 45abt 19012925noyesMaineRussiaRussia   retail merchantfruit store8891Eyes421930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Lena Laitwife53 Court St. abt 19072319noyesMaineRussiaRussia   none    421930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Roberta R Laitdaughter53 Court St. abt 1927.752.25 no MaineMaineMaine   none    421930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Abraham Slosberghead15 Summer St.O 7000abt 18785221noyesGermanyRussiaRussiaYiddish1888nasalesmanclothing store4590Wyes481930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Annie Slosbergwife15 Summer St. abt 18824817noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaYiddish1899nanone    481930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Joseph A Slosbergson15 Summer St. abt 190129 noyesMaineGermanyRussia   retail merchantclothing store8491Eyes481930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Howard S Slosbergson15 Summer St. abt 191713 yesyesMaineGermanyRussia   none    481930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Bessie R Chernowskyhead22 Elm St.O 15,000abt 187357wdnoyesMassachusettsGermanyGermany   retail merchantdepartment store8391Eyes491930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Stanley E Chernowskyson22 Elm St. abt 189436 noyesMaineRussiaRussia   retail merchantdepartment store8392Eyes491930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Walter K Chernowskyson22 Elm St. abt 190426 noyesMaineRussiaMassachusetts   retail merchantdepartment store8393Eyes491930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Robert Goldberghead98 Bridge St.O 5000abt 18805021noyesLithuaniaLithuaniaLithuaniaYiddish1890naretail merchantclothing store8491Oyes4191930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Rosie Goldbergwife98 Bridge St. abt 18814917noyesLithuaniaLithuaniaLithuaniaYiddish1898nanone    4191930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Marion J Goldbergdaughter98 Bridge St. abt 191020 noyesMaineLithuaniaLithuania   stenographerstate house7193Wyes4201930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Paul S Goldbergson98 Bridge St. abt 191713 yesyesMaineLithuaniaLithuania   none    4201930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Samuel W Mackhead216 Water St.R 12abt 189535 noyesMaineRussiaRussia   salesmanfurniture store4590Wyes4251930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Herman Gersteinhead77 Bridge St.O 4000abt 18824825noyesPolandPolandPolandJewish1905naagentreal estate8286 yes6181930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Esther Gersteinwife77 Bridge St. abt 18894119noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaJewish1907nanone    6181930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Marjorie Gersteindaughter77 Bridge St. abt 191911 yesyesMainePolandRussia   none    6181930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Max Slosberghead79 Bridge St.O 4000abt 18646625noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaJewish1885naretail merchantclothing store8491Oyes6181930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Rebecca Slosbergwife79 Bridge St. abt 18725818nonoRussiaRussiaRussiaJewish1889nanone    6181930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Dora Slosbergdaughter in law79 Bridge St. abt 18884223noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaJewish1905nanone    6181930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Helen Slosberggrand daughter79 Bridge St. abt 191317 yesyesMassachusettsMaineRussia   none    6181930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Devina Slosberggrand daughter79 Bridge St. abt 191515 yesyesMaineMaineRussia   none    6181930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Robert Millerhead85 Bridge St.O 5000abt 18686225nonoRussiaRussiaRussiaJewish1903naretail merchantcandy store8091Eyes6181930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Rebecca Millerwife85 Bridge St. abt 18706023nonoRussiaRussiaRussiaJewish1904nanone    6181930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Sam Millerson85 Bridge St. abt 189931 noyesCanada EngRussiaRussiaYiddish1903naretail merchantshoes8491Eyes6191930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Harry Millerson85 Bridge St. abt 190129 noyesCanada EngRussiaRussiaYiddish1904naretail merchantshoes8492Eyes6191930 US Fed Census-Augusta
William Millerson85 Bridge St. abt 190327 noyesCanada EngRussiaRussiaYiddish1905naretail merchantcandy store8091Eyes6191930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Celia Millerdaughter85 Bridge St. abt 190525 noyesCanada EngRussiaRussiaYiddish1905naclerkcandy store8390Wyes6191930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Leo S Epsteinroomer130 K__ Lorts Woodmill, Water St. abt 190426 noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaJewishunnameat cutterstore9990 yes6461930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Ida Freedmanhead6 Spruce St.O 4000abt 188545wd 18no RussiaRussiaRussia?1892nastore keepercity retail9891 yes891930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Albert Freedmanson6 Spruce St. abt 190426 no MaineRussiaRussia   salesmanf___ing store4590Nyes891930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Harold Freedmanson6 Spruce St. abt 190921 no MaineRussiaRussia   salesmanf___ing store4591Nyes891930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Michael AckermanpatientAugusta State Hospital Arsenal st abt 189436 noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaRussian1910alnone    911930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Jacob AnsellpatientAugusta State Hospital Arsenal st abt 18933729noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaHebrew1895nanone    911930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Joe BellevinskipatientAugusta State Hospital Arsenal st abt 188446 nonoRussiaRussiaRussiaHebrew1802alnone    921930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Samuel KovalpatientAugusta State Hospital Arsenal st abt 189634 noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaRussian1913alnone    961930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Maurice LevinskipatientAugusta State Hospital Arsenal st abt 190426 noyesMaineRussiaRussia   none    961930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Bernard MorrisonpatientAugusta State Hospital Arsenal st abt 188941 noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaHebrew1903alnone    971930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Yakeem SimnoffpatientAugusta State Hospital Arsenal st abt 18834717nonoRussiaRussiaRussiaRussian1910alnone    991930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Annie FleischerpatientAugusta State Hospital Arsenal st abt 191119 nonoMaineRussiaRussia   none    9151930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Sarah KerilitzpatientAugusta State Hospital Arsenal st abt 188446 noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaHebrew1902alnone    9181930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Eva LevinepatientAugusta State Hospital Arsenal st abt 18894120noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaHebrew1915alnone    9191930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Sarah LevinskypatientAugusta State Hospital Arsenal st abt 18676320noyesRussiaRussiaRussiaHebrew1887alnone    9191930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Diana SneiderpatientAugusta State Hospital Arsenal st abt 19032720noyesRussiaRussiaPolandRussian1922alnone    9231930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Ida SniderpatientAugusta State Hospital Arsenal st abt 18913923noyesLithuaniaLithuaniaLithuaniaHebrew1912alnone    9231930 US Fed Census-Augusta
Israel NewmanemployeeAugusta State Hospital Arsenal st abt 188545 noyesLithuaniaLithuaniaLithuaniaHebrew1902nanone    9291930 US Fed Census-Augusta

Methodological note :

This data was culled from the original 1930 U.S. census manuscripts, as found on Jews are understood to constitute an ethnic group of Eastern and Central European origin characterized by common names and occupational pursuits, as well as a distinctive language. This definition lends itself well to analysis of the data preserved in census records.

Two primary methods were used to identify Jews:

1. Individuals born abroad whose mother tongue is "Yiddish," "Jewish," or "Hebrew" were automatically included in the spreadsheet, as were all members of their families.

2. For individuals born abroad whose mother tongue was another Eastern or Central European language (e.g., Russian, Polish, German), or individuals born in the U.S. with one or more parents from Eastern or Central Europe, we examined surnames, given names within a household, and occupations in light of common Jewish characteristics. This method of analysis is, of course, subject to inaccuracy, as we may have excluded Jews with uncommon names or occupations or included non-Jews whose characteristics appear Jewish. Individuals listed with the annotation "nj?" in the far right-hand column are those whose Jewish ancestry is plausible but questionable.

This method of analysis easily misses Jewish households whose members' parents were all born in the United States. In 1930 Maine, however, such households were quite rare. Special efforts were made to identify households of this nature in Portland, where they constituted less than 1% of identified Jewish households.

All members of a household containing a Jew are included in the spreadsheet, with the exception of Jewish lodgers and servants, who are listed individually. Household members who are evidently not Jewish (such as non-Jewish servants and some spouses or in-laws) are listed with the annotation "nj."

Last Updated : March 31, 2017

Thank you to the Colby College Maine Jewish History Project (2011) and David M. Freidenreich for the information