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Rabbi Sruli Dresdner and Lisa Mayer

circa 1923 -

Thank you to Jessica Lantos for the photo

"Rabbi Sruli Dresdner was born into a Hasidic family in Queens, New York in 1961. He spent the first part of his life studying Torah seven days a week at an Orthodox high school, followed by four years at the Denver Talmudical Seminary where he received Rabbinic Ordination as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Judaic Studies from the Denver Talmudic Seminary in 1982. He went on to attend law school and practice law for several years before returning to Jewish life full time as a Klezmer musician and Jewish educator, in addition to serving as High-Holiday Cantor and substitute rabbi in New York. Today he serves as the rabbi of Temple Shalom Auburn Maine. With his wife, Lisa Mayer, a violinist and singer, Dresdner performs in synagogues and music festivals throughout the world. “I grew up in the Hasidic world and was exposed to some of most amazing, deeply spiritual melodies. I firmly believe that music is the most direct way to connect spirituality with the community and the synagogue.”Jessica Lantos"