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Ten Women and Seven Men Seated on a sofa at the Jewish Community Center

circa 1960 - Jewish Community Alliance - Photo Archive

Thank you to Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine and Ani Helmick for the photo
Note: Many of these folks (Plavnick, Goodman, Borokoff, etc) spent their summers in the same little (300 x 120 yard) neighborhood in Old Orchard Beach: between Ladd and Saunders Avenues off of East Grand. Lenore is 90+ and was still on Durocher Street (and on the beach) with daughters & grandchildren last summer (2016) (note from Jim
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    :  all to be identified   ;
Links to People:
    back:  Winnie   Plavnick leftLenore   Burokoff  2nd from leftSam   Burokoff  3rd from left; Herb   Schwartz  4th from left; Murray   Rosen  3rd from rightBuddy   Goodman  2nd from right; David   Millman  right;   Barney Plavnick   2nd from left ;   Shirley Rosen   3rd from left ;   Edie Schwartz   3rd from right ;     Reva   Goodman ;   2nd from right     Rhoda   Nathanson ;   right

    front :      Ruth Modes   left ;'

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Joyce Finkelstein Pulaski on :
Farthest left: Winnie Plavnick
Susan Brenerman Korobkin on :
Ruth modes..front row left. Middle row 4th woman from right Shirley Rosen. Directly behind her is Murray Rosen
Larry Plavnick on :
Wow. I remember every face, but have forgotten a few of the names. Back row: My mom, Winnie; Loretta and Sam Burokoff; Herbie Schwartz; unkown; Buddy Goodman; unknow. Middle row: unknown; my dad, Barney Plavnick; unknown; Edie Schwartz; Reba Goodman; un
Larry Plavnick on :
Forgive me, Johnny and Sandy. That\''s Lenore Burokoff, not Loretta (a legitimate \"senior moment\")