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Beth El Dedication program
Beth El Augusta

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thanks to Beth El Augusta for the article

Beth El Augusta

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Links to People :

Bat Mitzvah invitation June 5 1966 :   Jeryl Kay Dansky   Links to People :

Beth El Dedication Program 1957 :   Julius Sussman   Links to People :

:   Julius Sussman     Joseph Cobb     Lenora Fae Leibowitz     Joseph Dion     Joseph Dion     Sharon Gay Lipman     Robert Perlberg     Robert Perlberg     Elizabeth Ann Segal   ;   Frank Naiman     Linda Ruth Weiss     Bernard Lipman     Julius Goos     Charles Kottler     Harold Leibowitz     Harold Lipman     Joseph Mrs) Dion     Anne Kottler     Julius Sussman     Roslyn Dansky     Ida Perlberg     Joseph (Mrs) Dion     Vernon (Mrs) Segal   ;   Louis (Mrs) Pollack     Leonard (Mrs) Dansky     Robert (Mrs) Powell  

Beth El Dedication Program 1957 :   Frank Naiman ;     Bernard Lipman ;     Joseph Kaplan ;     William Gelnow ;     Julius J Goos ;     Charles Kottler ;     Harold Leibowitz ;     Harold Lipman ;     Joseph (Mrs) Dion ;  

Beth El Dedication Program 1957 :   Joseph (Mrs) Dion   ;   Vernon (Mrs) Segal   ;   Joseph (Mrs) Cobb   ;   Leonard (Mrs) Dansky   ;   Robert (Mrs) Powell   ;

Special Participants in Beth El Dedication :   Rabbi Nathaniel Steinberg   ;   Rabbi Norman Zdanowitz   ;   Mayor H Lloyd Carey   ;   Horce (Rev) Colpitss   ;

Commerotive Tea and Musical at Blaine House Aug 12, 1985 :   Julius G Sussman   ;

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  Temple Beth El ;

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