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"Miss Bernice Amy Miller Bride of Bangor Businessman [James Miller}"

11/1/1957 - Lewiston Evening Journal

Thank you to Janet McGourty for the photo
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janet mcgourty on :
1962 residence 341 hanover st costa mesa ca. 1963, 1964 residence 3222 Washington st costa mesa ca.
janet mcgourty on :
Bernice died march 14th 1977
janet mcgourty on :
correction, Bernice remarried may 17 1977 and died the morning of march 14 1979 before 7 a.m.
janet mcgourty on :
amys great grandmother was Tillie who is buried in carman ny, a neighborhood in schnecedy ny. the cemetary is five abandoned shuls.
janet mcgourty on :
the shearton hotel boston ma