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Alpha Rho Upsilon, Bowdoin College

1948     Brunswick - location of image : Bowdoin College Library

thanks to Bowdoin College Library for the information
Two-page spread found in 1948 Bowdoin Bugle on ARU (for All Races United)Note :
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First row :   Melvin I. Heymann   Leftmost man ;   Martin Shulman   2nd to leftmost man   Paul A. Hillson   3rd to leftmost man ;   Maurice Glazier   4th to leftmost man   Sherman D. Spector   5th to leftmost man   Robert M. Winer   6th to leftmost man   Jordan H. Wine   7th to leftmost man   Irving E. Gordon   8th to leftmost man ;   Gerald Ritter   9th to leftmost man   Samuel Gross   6th to rightmost man ;   Alfred J. Waxler   5th to rightmost man   Marvin Tracey   4th to rightmost man   Leonard M. Ashe   3rd to rightmost man   Leonard M. Hirsch   2nd to rightmost man ;   Arthur Simensky   Rightmost man ;

Second row :   George G. Younger ;   Leftmost man   John G. Root ;   2nd to leftmost man   Sherman E. Fein ;   3rd to leftmost man   Erwin J. Wilinsky ;   4th to leftmost man   Herbert H. Bennett ;   5th to leftmost man   Norman L. Rapkin ;   6th to leftmost man   John M. Holmes   7th to leftmost man ;   Arnold Y. Brynes ;   8th to leftmost man   Paul R. Aronson ;   7th to rightmost man   Aron W. Ascher ;   6th to rightmost man   Bladen R. Smith ;   5th to rightmost man   Manuel Levine ;   4th to rightmost man   Gerald L. Cogan ;   3rd to rightmost man   David N. Harris   2nd to rightmost man ;   Waller P. Finnegan ;   Rightmost man

Third row :   Morris I. Toll   Leftmost man ;   Zeleke Bekele   2nd to leftmost man ;   Mitchell Jacobson   3rd to leftmost man ;   Irving A. Polakewich   4th to leftmost man ;   William F. Martin   5th to leftmost man ;   Bradlee M. Backman   6th to leftmost man ;   Richard C. Barr   7th to leftmost man ;   Carl J. Cooper   8th to leftmost man ;   Robert Y. Lee   7th to rightmost man ;   Umbert Cantalamessa   6th to rightmost man ;   Joseph J. Schmuch   5th to rightmost man ;   James S. Segal   4th to rightmost man ;   Paul H. Rubin   3rd to rightmost man ;   [FirstNameNotKnown] Goldberg   2nd to rightmost man ;   Donald S. or Hayden B Bloomberg   Rightmost man ;

:   William S. Clenott   Mentioned in citation ;   Samuel E. Kinsley   Mentioned in citation ;   Robert S. Oransky   Mentioned in citation ;   Robert R. Rudy   Mentioned in citation ;   Robert Y. Lee   Mentioned in citation ;   Alan Slater   Mentioned in citation ;

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  Alpha Rho Upsilon, Bowdoin College ;

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