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Iota Phil Sorority (Portland,ME) - Documenting Maine Jewry

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Documenting Maine Jewry : Iota Phil Sorority (Portland)

Iota Phil Sorority (Sigma Chapter) : National Iota Phi Convention,
Lafayette Hotel, April 8-10 1960 (Portland)

Convention program

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Marlene Baker Cohen; Joan Berman Hirsh; Nancy Bogg ; Ellen Godfrey Vinograd; Annette Lyons Elowitch ; Tela Millman ; Paula Jacobson Noe ; Elaine Merdek Lasky; Cindy Potter Taylor ; Susan Rosen Weiner; Susan Sacknoff ; Barbara Silverman Blankstein; Candy Hugo ; Cindy Merdek Rubin; Naomi Naierman ; Connie Weisberg Boeckle; Phyllis Gerber Farmeland; Eileen Brenerman ; Lois Finberg Silver; Joyce Finkelstein ; Stephanie Gerber Stern; Regina Zimelman ; Diane Chawes Stern ; Meg Glen Maclauchlan;

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