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Jewish Community Center Group Sports Award photo - two boys, four teenagers, and an advisor

circa 1950 - Jewish Community Alliance - Photo Archive

Thank you to Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine and for the photo

"Trophy for highest ranking high school Jewish athlete in Portland schools." Maurice weisman.
People: to be identified , left; Phil Nectow, left; Bobby Meserve , 2nd from left; to be identified , right; Maurice Weisman, middle; Gerry Fineberg, 2nd from right; Mel Fineberg? , right;

Back row: to be identified , far left; to be identified , second from left; to be identified , center with award; to be identified , second from right; to be identified , right; Arnold Potter (?), advisor

If you recognize any of the unidentified people, please send in their names and biographic information to dmj at

Organizations: Jewish Community Center
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Maurice Weisman on :
See previous comment
sports Nite at JCC 1950
trophy is for highest ranking juicy school Jewish athlete in Portland school system
Maurice Weisman on :
That should be high not juicy
Maurice Weisman on :
Back row
left to right
Phil Nectow, Bobby Meserve,Maurice weisman, gerry Fineberg
Larry Kane on :
Back row 2nd from left Bob Meserve? and far right Mel Fineberg?