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Jewish Community Center Group Sports Award photo - two boys, four teenagers, and an advisor

circa 1950 - Jewish Community Alliance - Photo Archive

Thank you to Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine and Ani Helmick for the photo

"Trophy for highest ranking high school Jewish athlete in Portland schools." Maurice weisman.
Links to People:
    front row  to be identified   left;
Links to People:
    back  Phil   Nectow  left Bobby   Meserve  2nd from left; to be identified     rightMaurice   Weisman  middleGerry   Fineberg  2nd from right; Mel   Fineberg?  right;

    back row :   to be identified   far left ;   to be identified   second from left ;   to be identified   center with award ;   to be identified   second from right ;   to be identified   right ;     Arnold   Potter (?) ;   advisor

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Maurice Weisman on :
See previous comment
sports Nite at JCC 1950
trophy is for highest ranking juicy school Jewish athlete in Portland school system
Maurice Weisman on :
That should be high not juicy
Maurice Weisman on :
Back row
left to right
Phil Nectow, Bobby Meserve,Maurice weisman, gerry Fineberg
Larry Kane on :
Back row 2nd from left Bob Meserve? and far right Mel Fineberg?