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Friendship Club outing to Lakewood Theater - date not known

Thank you to Paula Rolsky for the photo
Note : Gertrude Berg was Molly Goldberg
  Freida Miller 2nd from left
  Arlene Rosen 3rd from left
  Paula Adelman 3rd from right
  Ida Rolsky 2nd from right
  Mim Viner right

middle :   Sadie Share ;   left
  Sadie Glazier   3rd from right ;
  Lou Saltzman ;   right
  Ida Shur   2nd from left ;
  Sadie Finn   4th from left ;
  Jacob Braverman   4th from right ;
  Lena Braverman   3rd from right ;
  Anna Cohen Shafmaster   right ;
Related organizations:   Senior Citizens Friendship Club;
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