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Ten People standing on steps of JCC

date not known -

Thank you to Paula Rolsky for the photo
People: Shorty Ollove, left; Shorty Ollove, left; Ben Shapiro , right; Ben Shapiro , right;

3rd row: Joyce Ollove, left;

3rd row: Joyce Ollove, left; Duddy Day , middle; Duddy Day , middle; Rosalie Shapiro , right; Rosalie Shapiro , right;

2nd row: Yale Adelman, left;

2nd row: Yale Adelman, left; Mary Adelman, middle; Mary Adelman, middle; Natalie Day, right; Natalie Day, right;

Front: Edie Grossman, left;

Front: Edie Grossman, left; Jerry Grossman, right; Jerry Grossman, right
Organizations: JCC (Bangor)