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Center Day Camp group photo 1976

Jul-76 - Center Day Camp

Thank you to Jewish Community Alliance for the photo
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    Staff  Peter ?   Smaha  left Barry   Saltz  2nd from leftId   Goscinski  2nd from right, white tank topLetty   Berkovich  right, standing; Jessica   Pollard Lantos  right, kneeling;   Kara Schneit   2nd from left ;     Trimble   Auger ;   3rd from left     Greg   Gordon ;   4th from left     Andy   Arsham ;   5th from left     Stacy   Golberg Doyle ;   5th from right     Allison   Volk ;   4th from right     Bill   Gerber ;   3rd from right     Jeff   Stern ;   2nd from right     Beth Finkelstein   3rd from left ;     Amy   Webber Brier   4th from left ;     Neil   Turitz   5th from left ;     Sandi Miller   5th from right ;     Samantha   Baker   4th from right ;     Stacey Lieberman   2nd from right ;     Gail Mack   right ;   Zach   Sclar   2nd from left ;   Jeff   Novak   3rd from left ;   Eric   Rodman   4th from left ;   David   Levine   2nd from left ;   Drew   Turitz   2nd from right ;
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