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Junior Hadassah n.d.

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thanks to Maxine Kessler for the article
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back :   Dorothy Kirshner   left ;   Eleanor Kessler   2nd from left ;   Leona Edison   3rd from left ;   Charlotte Farber   4th from left ;   "Okie"   4th from right ;   Bea Lerman   2nd from right ;   Bea Chorney   right ;

middle :   Rose Crasnick   left ;   Shirley Levine ;   2nd from left   Helen Levine ;   3rd from left   Estelle Edison   3rd from right ;   Eleanor Edison   right ;

front :   Frances Geller   left ;   Ethel Rubinstein   2nd from left ;   Karlin   2nd from right ;   Annabelle Mack   right ;

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