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Group photo of RCY (Religious Charitable Youth)

date not known - private collection

Thank you to Elaine Crasnick for the photo
Links to People:
    back  Harriet   Lerman left;
Links to People:
    back row  Tilla   Millman third from left; Judy   Levy  2nd from left; Tela   Millman Finn  3rd from leftBarbara   Mersky  3rd from rightBonnie   Godfrey  2nd from rightCarol   Weisberg  right;

    middle :   Norma   Gottschalk Elowitch ;   left   Lorna Modes   2nd from left ;     Roberta   Yormack ;   3rd from left     Gail   Nathanson ;   3rd from right     Connie   Weinberg ;   2nd from right     Sandra   Brem ;   right

    front :      Barbara   left ;'     Margery   Goldberg   2nd from left ;     Elaine Crasnick   middle ;     Miriam   Reef   2nd from right ;     Becky   Brooks   right ;