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Devorin Post family

August, 1940 - private collection

Thank you to Cindy Potter Taylor for the photo
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    back row:  Robert   Devorin  back Fannie   Herman Post  leftSadie   Potter Devorin  2nd from leftRose   Post Andelman  2nd from rightSolomon   Post  right;

    middle row :   Hyman   Post ;   left     Evelyn   Devorin Post ;   2nd from left     Harry   Devorin ;   middle     Lou   Andelman ;   2nd from right   Max Levine   right ;

    front row :      Louise Levine   left ;'     Ruth   Levine Devorin   2nd from left ;     Judy   Devorin Gorin   2nd from right ;     Dinny   Levine Bennett   right ;     Mitchell   Halperin   with bandaged head ;