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In the picture you have a different Edie Lemovitz. The one in the picture is Edie Lemovitz Gold. That is Edie Karlin's first cousin. My mother was born in 1929 and could not be in that class.

Stan Karlin
Stan Karlin September 14, 2022

Bradbury Street School

circa 1920 - private collection

Thank you to Maria Krane for the photo

"The Bradbury Street School in Biddeford, Maine (possibly around 1920) grades three and four. My mother-in-law Rose Krane (nee Hoffman) is the third in from the right, second row standing. Her cousin Edie Lemovitz is also in the picture." Maria Krane
People: Rose Hoffman Krane, 3rd from right; Edith Lemovitz Karlin, 5th from left in plaid

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