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Young Children - Jewish Community Center

date not known - Jewish Community Alliance - Photo Archive

Thank you to Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine and Ani Helmick for the photo
Links to People:
    left to right  Stewart   Potter  left end
Links to People:
     Stuart   Potter  left Maxine   Nathanson Sobel  2nd from leftFraya   Feinberg  3rd from leftMaxime Nathanson   Sobel  2nd from left; Lorna   Modes  4th from rightCindy   Rudek  3rd from rightStanley   Elowitch  2nd from rightBarry   Potter  rightBarry   Potter  right end; rest to be identified   ;

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 Jewish Community Center;
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on :
2nd from the left:
Stuart Potter on :
Left to right:
Stuart Potte
Maxine Nathanson
Fraya Feinberg
Lorna Modes
Cindy Rudek
Stanley Elowitch
Barry Potter