Temple Shalom Synagogue-Center Cemetery Burial Records
as of Saturday January 16, 2021

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        Eleanor Abrahams - 12/20/2010 G
        Samuel Abrahams Sholma Tzvi ben Dovid 8/16/1914 - 10/30/1999 G 484 headstone image one -- two
        Jean Alpert bas r' Shumel Chayyim - E 372 headstone image one -- two
        Molly Alpert Meelcha bas r' Shumel - E 371 headstone image one -- two
        Florence Ida Rosenbloom Angelowitz - C 251 headstone image one
        Isaac Angelowitz - Dec 30 1972 C 250 headstone image one
        Emma B Arenstam - 5/9/1971 F 408 headstone image one -- two
        Harry J Arenstam Zvi Herseh ben r' Anashel Dov HaLevi - 12/30/1961 F 407 headstone image one -- two