Temple Shalom Synagogue-Center Cemetery Burial Records
as of Thursday January 28, 2021

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Hanrati / Hanraty
        Pearl Barstein Hanrati / Hanraty 1917 - B 123 headstone image one
        Harry Harrisburg R' Tzvi ben Avraham 15 march 1877 - 9 July 1928 X headstone image one
        [FirstNameNotKnown] Hess - 8/9/1978 A 5 headstone image one
        Max "Matcah" Hoffenberg M'tavcha (sp?) Moseh ben Yosef 1/1/1902 - 11/22/1997 H 549 headstone image one
        Rose L Gottlieb Hoffenberg Raizel bas Reuvan 8/16/1902 - 10/29/1994 H 548 headstone image one